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Sajjad Haider
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Modeling floods in a dense urban area using 2D shallow water equations
E Mignot, A Paquier, S Haider
Journal of Hydrology 327 (1-2), 186-199, 2006
Urban flood modelling using computational fluid dynamics
S Haider, A Paquier, R Morel, JY Champagne
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Water and Maritime …, 2003
Estimation des niveaux d'inondation pour une crue éclair en milieu urbain: comparaison de deux modèles hydrodynamiques sur la crue de Nîmes d'octobre 1988
A Paquier, JM Tanguy, S Haider, B Zhang
Revue des Sciences de l'Eau 16 (1), 79-102, 2003
Flood hazard assessment for the tori levee breach of the indus river basin, Pakistan
B Naeem, M Azmat, H Tao, S Ahmad, MU Khattak, S Haider, S Ahmad, ...
Water 13 (5), 604, 2021
Development of a flood forecasting system using IFAS: a case study of scarcely gauged Jhelum and Chenab river basins
A Shahzad, HF Gabriel, S Haider, A Mubeen, MJ Siddiqui
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 11, 1-18, 2018
Assessing the potential and hydrological usefulness of the CHIRPS precipitation dataset over a complex topography in Pakistan
M Shahid, KU Rahman, S Haider, HF Gabriel, AJ Khan, QB Pham, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal 66 (11), 1664-1684, 2021
Rainfall–runoff, flood inundation and sensitivity analysis of the 2014 Pakistan flood in the Jhelum and Chenab river basin
MJ Siddiqui, S Haider, HF Gabriel, A Shahzad
Hydrological sciences journal 63 (13-14), 1976-1997, 2018
Analysis of seepage loss from concrete lined irrigation canals in Punjab, Pakistan
Z Shah, H Gabriel, S Haider, T Jafri
Irrigation and Drainage 69 (4), 668-681, 2020
Evaluation of development and land use change effects on rainfall-runoff and runoff-sediment relations of catchment area of Simly Lake Pakistan
M Shahid, HF Gabriel, A Nabi, S Haider, A Khan, A Shah
Life Science Journal 11 (7s), 11-15, 2014
Application of machine learning techniques to delineate homogeneous climate zones in river basins of Pakistan for hydro-climatic change impact studies
A Nusrat, HF Gabriel, S Haider, S Ahmad, M Shahid, S Ahmed Jamal
Applied Sciences 10 (19), 6878, 2020
Simulating the impact of climate change with different reservoir operating strategies on sedimentation of Mangla reservoir, northern Pakistan
MA khan, J Stamm, S Haider
Water 12 (10), 2736-2762, 2020
Application of Godunov type 2D model for simulating sediment flushing in a reservoir
M Iqbal, AR Ghumman, S Haider, HN Hashmi, MA Khan
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 44, 4289-4307, 2019
Application of precipitation products for flood modeling of transboundary river basin: a case study of Jhelum Basin
M Umer, HF Gabriel, S Haider, A Nusrat, M Shahid, M Umer
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 143, 989-1004, 2021
Assessment of soft computing techniques for the prediction of suspended sediment loads in rivers
MA Khan, J Stamm, S Haider
Applied Sciences 11 (18), 8290, 2021
Supercritical flow simulation at a right channel junction. Comparison between a uniform and a sparse mesh
S Haider, HF Gabriel, SA Khan
KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 21, 2984-2990, 2017
Fractional Gegenbauer wavelets operational matrix method for solving nonlinear fractional differential equations
U Saeed, M ur Rehman, K Javid, Q Din, S Haider
Mathematical Sciences 15, 83-97, 2021
2D numerical modeling of two dam-break flood model studies in an urban locality
USMS Sajjad Haider
Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2020
Estimation of the flood levels for a flash flood in urban area: comparison of two hydrodynamic models on the 1988's Nîmes flood
A Paquier, JM Tanguy, S Haider, B Zhang
High current aging test for metalized polypropylene film capacitors having different geometric shape
MH El-Husseini, P Venet, G Rojat, S Haider
9th International Conference on Power Electronics and Motion Control 3, 234-238, 2000
Seismic vulnerability assessment of deficient RC structures with bar pullout and joint shear degradation
A Mushtaq, S Ali Khan, H Farooq Gabriel, S Haider
Advances in Civil Engineering 2015, 1-10, 2015
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