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Pavitra Kumar
Pavitra Kumar
Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Trích dẫn bởi
Developing machine learning algorithms for meteorological temperature and humidity forecasting at Terengganu state in Malaysia
MS Hanoon, AN Ahmed, N Zaini, A Razzaq, P Kumar, M Sherif, ...
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Suspended sediment load prediction using long short-term memory neural network
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Predicting freshwater production and energy consumption in a seawater greenhouse based on ensemble frameworks using optimized multi-layer perceptron
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Exploring the reliability of different artificial intelligence techniques in predicting earthquake for Malaysia
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Investigating the application of artificial intelligence for earthquake prediction in Terengganu
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Three Steps towards Better Forecasting for Streamflow Deep Learning
WY Tan, SH Lai, FY Teo, DJ Armaghani, K Pavitra, A El-Shafie
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