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Mohammed J. K. Bashir
Mohammed J. K. Bashir
School of Engineering and Technology, Central Queensland University
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Trích dẫn bởi
Leachate characterization in semi-aerobic and anaerobic sanitary landfills: A comparative study
SQ Aziz, HA Aziz, MS Yusoff, MJK Bashir, M Umar
Journal of environmental management 91 (12), 2608-2614, 2010
Application of response surface methodology (RSM) for optimization of ammoniacal nitrogen removal from semi-aerobic landfill leachate using ion exchange resin
MJK Bashir, HA Aziz, MS Yusoff, MN Adlan
Desalination 254 (1-3), 154-161, 2010
Recent Advancements, Fundamental Challenges, and Opportunities in Catalytic Methanation of CO2
M Younas, L Loong Kong, MJK Bashir, H Nadeem, A Shehzad, ...
Energy & Fuels 30 (11), 8815-8831, 2016
Landfill leachate treatment by electrochemical oxidation
MJK Bashir, MH Isa, SRM Kutty, ZB Awang, HA Aziz, S Mohajeri, ...
Waste Management 29 (9), 2534-2541, 2009
Feasibility of CO2 adsorption by solid adsorbents: a review on low-temperature systems
M Younas, M Sohail, LK Leong, MJK Bashir, S Sumathi
International journal of environmental science and technology 13, 1839-1860, 2016
Landfill leachate treatment using powdered activated carbon augmented sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process: Optimization by response surface methodology
SQ Aziz, HA Aziz, MS Yusoff, MJK Bashir
Journal of hazardous materials 189 (1-2), 404-413, 2011
A review of anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBR) for the treatment of highly contaminated landfill leachate and biogas production: effectiveness, limitations and future …
SMA Abuabdou, W Ahmad, NC Aun, MJK Bashir
Journal of Cleaner Production 255, 120215, 2020
Pretreatment of stabilized leachate using ozone/persulfate oxidation process
SSA Amr, HA Aziz, MN Adlan, MJK Bashir
Chemical Engineering Journal 221, 492-499, 2013
Application of psyllium husk as coagulant and coagulant aid in semi-aerobic landfill leachate treatment
YAJ Al-Hamadani, MS Yusoff, M Umar, MJK Bashir, MN Adlan
Journal of hazardous materials 190 (1-3), 582-587, 2011
An overview of heavily polluted landfill leachate treatment using food waste as an alternative and renewable source of activated carbon
A Shehzad, MJK Bashir, S Sethupathi, JW Lim
Process safety and environmental protection 98, 309-318, 2015
An overview of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment: Source, fate, risk and regulations
Z Abunada, MYD Alazaiza, MJK Bashir
Water 12 (12), 3590, 2020
Application of CCD in RSM to obtain optimize treatment of POME using Fenton oxidation process
MO Saeed, K Azizli, MH Isa, MJK Bashir
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The use of poly-aluminum chloride and alum for the treatment of partially stabilized leachate: A comparative study
S Ghafari, HA Aziz, MJK Bashir
Desalination 257 (1-3), 110-116, 2010
Recent advancement in the application of hybrid coagulants in coagulation-flocculation of wastewater: A review
MSS Abujazar, SU Karaağaç, SSA Amr, MYD Alazaiza, MJK Bashir
Journal of Cleaner Production 345, 131133, 2022
A sequential treatment of intermediate tropical landfill leachate using a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) and coagulation
ZJ Yong, MJK Bashir, CA Ng, S Sethupathi, JW Lim
Journal of environmental management 205, 244-252, 2018
Stabilized landfill leachate treatment by sugarcane bagasse derived activated carbon for removal of color, COD and NH3-N–optimization of preparation conditions by RSM
NB Azmi, MJK Bashir, S Sethupathi, LJ Wei, NC Aun
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 3 (2), 1287-1294, 2015
Influence of Fenton reagent oxidation on mineralization and decolorization of municipal landfill leachate
S Mohajeri, HA Aziz, MH Isa, MJK Bashir, L Mohajeri, MN Adlan
Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A 45 (6), 692-698, 2010
Optimization of self-fermented period of waste coconut endosperm destined to feed black soldier fly larvae in enhancing the lipid and protein yields
SN Mohd-Noor, CY Wong, JW Lim, Y Uemura, MK Lam, A Ramli, ...
Renewable Energy 111, 646-654, 2017
Stabilized sanitary landfill leachate treatment using anionic resin: treatment optimization by response surface methodology
MJK Bashir, HA Aziz, MS Yusoff, SQ Aziz, S Mohajeri
Journal of Hazardous Materials 182 (1-3), 115-122, 2010
Sustainable waste-to-energy development in Malaysia: Appraisal of environmental, financial, and public issues related with energy recovery from municipal solid waste
ZJ Yong, MJK Bashir, CA Ng, S Sethupathi, JW Lim, PL Show
Processes 7 (10), 676, 2019
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