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Sohag University, faculty of science, physics department
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Landslide susceptibility mapping using random forest, boosted regression tree, classification and regression tree, and general linear models and comparison of their performance …
AM Youssef, HR Pourghasemi, ZS Pourtaghi, MM Al-Katheeri
Landslides 13, 839-856, 2016
Fast heating scalable to laser fusion ignition
R Kodama, H Shiraga, K Shigemori, Y Toyama, S Fujioka, H Azechi, ...
Nature 418 (6901), 933-934, 2002
Flash flood risk estimation along the St. Katherine road, southern Sinai, Egypt using GIS based morphometry and satellite imagery
AM Youssef, B Pradhan, AM Hassan
Environmental Earth Sciences 62 (3), 611-623, 2011
Suitability estimation for urban development using multi-hazard assessment map
GD Bathrellos, HD Skilodimou, K Chousianitis, AM Youssef, B Pradhan
Science of the total environment 575, 119-134, 2017
Culture, context and the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of Syrians: A review for mental health and psychosocial support staff working with Syrians affected by armed …
G Hassan, LJ Kirmayer, A Mekki-Berrada, C Quosh, R El Chammay, ...
Geneva: UNHCR 13, 2015
Landslide susceptibility mapping using machine learning algorithms and comparison of their performance at Abha Basin, Asir Region, Saudi Arabia
AM Youssef, HR Pourghasemi
Geoscience Frontiers 12 (2), 639-655, 2021
Landslide susceptibility mapping at Al-Hasher area, Jizan (Saudi Arabia) using GIS-based frequency ratio and index of entropy models
AM Youssef, M Al-Kathery, B Pradhan
Geosciences Journal 19, 113-134, 2015
Manifestation of remote sensing data and GIS on landslide hazard analysis using spatial-based statistical models
B Pradhan, AM Youssef
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 3, 319-326, 2010
Integrated evaluation of urban development suitability based on remote sensing and GIS techniques: Contribution from the analytic hierarchy process.
A Youssef, B Pradhan, E Tarabees
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 4, 2011
Rainfall-induced landslide susceptibility assessment at the Chongren area (China) using frequency ratio, certainty factor, and index of entropy
H Hong, W Chen, C Xu, AM Youssef, B Pradhan, D Tien Bui
Geocarto international 32 (2), 139-154, 2017
Multi-hazard assessment modeling via multi-criteria analysis and GIS: a case study
HD Skilodimou, GD Bathrellos, K Chousianitis, AM Youssef, B Pradhan
Environmental Earth Sciences 78, 1-21, 2019
Flash flood susceptibility assessment in Jeddah city (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) using bivariate and multivariate statistical models
AM Youssef, B Pradhan, SA Sefry
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (1), 12, 2016
Landslide susceptibility mapping using ensemble bivariate and multivariate statistical models in Fayfa area, Saudi Arabia
AM Youssef, B Pradhan, MN Jebur, HM El-Harbi
Environmental Earth Sciences 73, 3745-3761, 2015
Geomorphological hazard analysis along the Egyptian Red Sea coast between Safaga and Quseir
AM Youssef, B Pradhan, AFD Gaber, MF Buchroithner
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 9 (3), 751-766, 2009
Analysis on causes of flash flood in Jeddah city (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) of 2009 and 2011 using multi-sensor remote sensing data and GIS
AM Youssef, SA Sefry, B Pradhan, EA Alfadail
Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 7 (3), 1018-1042, 2016
Comparison of four kernel functions used in support vector machines for landslide susceptibility mapping: a case study at Suichuan area (China)
H Hong, B Pradhan, DT Bui, C Xu, AM Youssef, W Chen
Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 8 (2), 544-569, 2017
A 100‐year maximum flood susceptibility mapping using integrated hydrological and hydrodynamic models: Kelantan River Corridor, Malaysia
B Pradhan, AM Youssef
Journal of Flood Risk Management 4 (3), 189-202, 2011
Behavior of raft on settlement reducing piles: Experimental model study
B El-Garhy, AA Galil, AF Youssef, MA Raia
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 5 (5), 389-399, 2013
Synthesis and characterization of high surface area nanosilica from rice husk ash by surfactant-free sol–gel method
AF Hassan, AM Abdelghny, H Elhadidy, AM Youssef
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 69, 465-472, 2014
Landslide susceptibility maps using different probabilistic and bivariate statistical models and comparison of their performance at Wadi Itwad Basin, Asir Region, Saudi Arabia
AM Youssef, HR Pourghasemi, BA El-Haddad, BK Dhahry
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 75, 63-87, 2016
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