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Indra Prakash
Indra Prakash
Geological Survey of India (R); Visiting Faculty & International Freelance Researcher
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Trích dẫn bởi
A comparative assessment of decision trees algorithms for flash flood susceptibility modeling at Haraz watershed, northern Iran
K Khosravi, BT Pham, K Chapi, A Shirzadi, H Shahabi, I Revhaug, ...
Science of the Total Environment 627, 744-755, 2018
Hybrid integration of Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks and machine learning ensembles for landslide susceptibility assessment at Himalayan area (India) using GIS
BT Pham, DT Bui, I Prakash, MB Dholakia
Catena 149, 52-63, 2017
A comparative assessment of flood susceptibility modeling using multi-criteria decision-making analysis and machine learning methods
K Khosravi, H Shahabi, BT Pham, J Adamowski, A Shirzadi, B Pradhan, ...
Journal of Hydrology 573, 311-323, 2019
A comparative study of different machine learning methods for landslide susceptibility assessment: A case study of Uttarakhand area (India)
BT Pham, B Pradhan, DT Bui, I Prakash, MB Dholakia
Environmental Modelling & Software 84, 240-250, 2016
Influence of data splitting on performance of machine learning models in prediction of shear strength of soil
QH Nguyen, HB Ly, LS Ho, N Al-Ansari, HV Le, VQ Tran, I Prakash, ...
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2021, 1-15, 2021
Landslide susceptibility assesssment in the Uttarakhand area (India) using GIS: a comparison study of prediction capability of naïve bayes, multilayer perceptron neural …
BT Pham, D Tien Bui, HR Pourghasemi, P Indra, MB Dholakia
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 128, 255-273, 2017
Landslide susceptibility modeling using Reduced Error Pruning Trees and different ensemble techniques: Hybrid machine learning approaches
BT Pham, I Prakash, SK Singh, A Shirzadi, H Shahabi, DT Bui
Catena 175, 203-218, 2019
Prediction success of machine learning methods for flash flood susceptibility mapping in the Tafresh watershed, Iran
S Janizadeh, M Avand, A Jaafari, TV Phong, M Bayat, E Ahmadisharaf, ...
Sustainability 11 (19), 5426, 2019
A novel hybrid intelligent model of support vector machines and the MultiBoost ensemble for landslide susceptibility modeling
BT Pham, A Jaafari, I Prakash, DT Bui
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 78, 2865-2886, 2019
Spatial prediction of landslides using a hybrid machine learning approach based on random subspace and classification and regression trees
BT Pham, I Prakash, DT Bui
Geomorphology 303, 256-270, 2018
A novel artificial intelligence approach based on Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Network and Biogeography-based Optimization for predicting coefficient of consolidation of soil
BT Pham, MD Nguyen, KTT Bui, I Prakash, K Chapi, DT Bui
Catena 173, 302-311, 2019
Development of advanced artificial intelligence models for daily rainfall prediction
BT Pham, LM Le, TT Le, KTT Bui, VM Le, HB Ly, I Prakash
Atmospheric Research 237, 104845, 2020
A comparison study of DRASTIC methods with various objective methods for groundwater vulnerability assessment
K Khosravi, M Sartaj, FTC Tsai, VP Singh, N Kazakis, AM Melesse, ...
Science of the total environment 642, 1032-1049, 2018
Soft computing ensemble models based on logistic regression for groundwater potential mapping
PT Nguyen, DH Ha, M Avand, A Jaafari, HD Nguyen, N Al-Ansari, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (7), 2469, 2020
A hybrid machine learning ensemble approach based on a radial basis function neural network and rotation forest for landslide susceptibility modeling: A case study in the …
BT Pham, A Shirzadi, DT Bui, I Prakash, MB Dholakia
International Journal of Sediment Research 33 (2), 157-170, 2018
GIS based hybrid computational approaches for flash flood susceptibility assessment
BT Pham, M Avand, S Janizadeh, TV Phong, N Al-Ansari, LS Ho, S Das, ...
Water 12 (3), 683, 2020
Development of artificial intelligence models for the prediction of Compression Coefficient of soil: An application of Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis
BT Pham, MD Nguyen, D Van Dao, I Prakash, HB Ly, TT Le, LS Ho, ...
Science of The Total Environment 679, 172-184, 2019
A comparative study of least square support vector machines and multiclass alternating decision trees for spatial prediction of rainfall-induced landslides in a tropical …
BT Pham, D Tien Bui, MB Dholakia, I Prakash, HV Pham
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 34, 1807-1824, 2016
A novel hybrid approach of landslide susceptibility modelling using rotation forest ensemble and different base classifiers
BT Pham, I Prakash, J Dou, SK Singh, PT Trinh, HT Tran, TM Le, ...
Geocarto International 35 (12), 1267-1292, 2020
Performance evaluation of machine learning methods for forest fire modeling and prediction
BT Pham, A Jaafari, M Avand, N Al-Ansari, T Dinh Du, HPH Yen, ...
Symmetry 12 (6), 1022, 2020
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