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Olusola Emmanuel Babalola
Olusola Emmanuel Babalola
Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A review of residual strength properties of normal and high strength concrete exposed to elevated temperatures: Impact of materials modification on behaviour of concrete composite
OE Babalola, PO Awoyera, DH Le, LMB Romero
Construction and Building Materials 296, 123448, 2021
Mechanical and durability properties of recycled aggregate concrete with ternary binder system and optimized mix proportion
OE Babalola, PO Awoyera, MT Tran, DH Le, OB Olalusi, A Viloria, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 9 (3), 6521-6532, 2020
Influence of electric arc furnace (EAF) slag aggregate sizes on the workability and durability of concrete
PO Awoyera, AW Adekeye, OE Babalola
International Journal of Engineering and Technology 7 (3), 1049-1056, 2015
Comprehensive review on machine learning methodologies for modeling dye removal processes in wastewater
SK Bhagat, KE Pilario, OE Babalola, T Tiyasha, M Yaqub, CE Onu, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 385, 135522, 2023
Influence of Steel and bamboo fibres on mechanical properties of high strength concrete
PO Awoyera, JK Ijalana, OE Babalola
Journal of Materials and Environmental Science 6 (12), 3634-3642, 2015
Suitability of cordia millenii ash blended cement in concrete production
OE Babalola, PO Awoyera
International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa 22, 59-67, 2016
Experimental investigation of the performance of ground granulated blast furnace slag blended recycled aggregate concrete exposed to elevated temperatures
TM Tung, OE Babalola, DH Le
Cleaner Waste Systems 4, 100069, 2023
Investigation of micronized laterite sandcrete block compressive strength
TF Awolusi, DO Oguntayo, OE Babalola, OL Oke, OO Akinkurolere
Case Studies in Construction Materials 14, e00530, 2021
Optimizing the Flexural Behavior of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beams Containing Cassava Peel Ash using Response Surface Methodology
TF Awolusi, OJ Aladegboye, OE Babalola, EK Ayo, M Azab, AF Deifalla
Civil Engineering Journal 9 (8), 1971-1990, 2023
Utilization of Bitumen Modified with Pet Bottles as an Alternative Binder for the Production of Paving Blocks
MA Temitope Awolusi, Daniel Oguntayo, Ahmed Farouk Deifalla, Emmanuel ...
Civil Engineering Journal (E-ISSN: 2476-3055; ISSN: 2676-6957) 9 (No. 01 …, 2023
The use of slags in recycled aggregate concrete
PO Awoyera, OE Babalola, OG Aluko
The Structural Integrity of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Produced with …, 2022
A review of lightweight composite development using paper waste and pulverized ceramics-towards a sustainable and eco-friendly construction
PO Awoyera, OB Olalusi, DP Babagbale, OE Babalola
International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa 56, 77-94, 2021
Numerical analysis of pile group, piled raft, and footing using finite element software PLAXIS 2D and GEO5
FF Chimdesa, FF Chimdesa, NZ Jilo, A Hulagabali, OE Babalola, ...
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 15875, 2023
Properties of recycled aggregates for high performance concrete
OL Oke, TF Awolusi, OG Aluko, E Babalola
Multi-Functional Concrete with Recycled Aggregates, 43-57, 2023
Performance evaluation of discontinuous coconut and steel fibers as reinforcement in concrete using the artificial neural network approach
TF Awolusi, DO Oguntayo, DO Oyejobi, BD Agboola, OO Akinkurolere, ...
Cogent Engineering 9 (1), 2105035, 2022
Water Absorption, Sorptivity and Permeability Properties of Concrete Containing Chemical and Mineral Admixtures
OO Akinkurolere, TF Awolusi, DO Oguntayo, OE Babalola, O Aladegboye, ...
LAUTECH Journal of Civil and Environmental Studies 6 (2), 2021
Numerical Modelling of Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Building Frames
JO Afolayan, OE Babalola, PO Awoyera, AW Adekeye, FA Ishola
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology 12 (2), 206-213, 2016
Evaluation of the post fire mechanical strength properties of recycled aggregate concrete containing GGBS: optimization and prediction using machine learning techniques
TM Tung, OE Babalola, DH Le
Asian Journal of Civil Engineering 24 (6), 1639-1666, 2023
Prediction of residual compressive strength of fly ash based concrete exposed to high temperature using GEP
TM Tunga, DH Leb, OE Babalola
Computers and Concrete 31 (2), 111, 2023
Kosi-Ganga-River-Creek 35 years’ Additive Time Series and Seasonal Analysis Using Remote Sensing Data.
T Tiyasha, SK Bhagat, BO Emmanuel, K Ramaswamy
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 1216 (1), 012004, 2023
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