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Denilson Da Silva Perez
Denilson Da Silva Perez
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Trích dẫn bởi
TEMPO-mediated oxidation of cellulose III
D da Silva Perez, S Montanari, MR Vignon
Biomacromolecules 4 (5), 1417-1425, 2003
Wood quality and its biological basis
JR Barnett, G Jeronimidis
CRC Press, 2003
Morphological investigation of nanoparticles obtained from combined mechanical shearing, and enzymatic and acid hydrolysis of sisal fibers
G Siqueira, S Tapin-Lingua, J Bras, D da Silva Perez, A Dufresne
Cellulose 17, 1147-1158, 2010
Mechanical properties of natural rubber nanocomposites reinforced with cellulosic nanoparticles obtained from combined mechanical shearing, and enzymatic and acid hydrolysis of …
G Siqueira, S Tapin-Lingua, J Bras, D da Silva Perez, A Dufresne
Cellulose 18, 57-65, 2011
Pullulan–nanofibrillated cellulose composite films with improved thermal and mechanical properties
E Trovatti, SCM Fernandes, L Rubatat, D da Silva Perez, CSR Freire, ...
Composites Science and Technology 72 (13), 1556-1561, 2012
How inorganic elements of biomass influence char steam gasification kinetics
C Dupont, S Jacob, KO Marrakchy, C Hognon, M Grateau, F Labalette, ...
Energy 109, 430-435, 2016
Photocatalytic degradation of lignin and lignin models, using titanium dioxide: the role of the hydroxyl radical
AEH Machado, AM Furuyama, SZ Falone, R Ruggiero, D da Silva Perez, ...
Chemosphere 40 (1), 115-124, 2000
Green synthesis of xylan hemicellulose esters
FZ Belmokaddem, C Pinel, P Huber, M Petit-Conil, DDS Perez
Carbohydrate Research 346 (18), 2896-2904, 2011
Genotoxic and inflammatory effects of nanofibrillated cellulose in murine lungs
J Catalán, E Rydman, K Aimonen, KS Hannukainen, S Suhonen, ...
Mutagenesis 32 (1), 23-31, 2017
Cationisation of galactomannan and xylan hemicelluloses
V Bigand, C Pinel, DDS Perez, F Rataboul, P Huber, M Petit-Conil
Carbohydrate Polymers 85 (1), 138-148, 2011
Theoretical and experimental studies on the adsorption of aromatic compounds onto cellulose
D Da Silva Perez, R Ruggiero, LC Morais, AEH Machado, K Mazeau
Langmuir 20 (8), 3151-3158, 2004
Molecular and phenotypic profiling from the base to the crown in maritime pine wood‐forming tissue
JAP Paiva, M Garcés, A Alves, P Garnier‐Géré, JC Rodrigues, C Lalanne, ...
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A systematic study of ring-die pellet production from forest and agricultural biomass
DA Agar, M Rudolfsson, G Kalén, M Campargue, DDS Perez, SH Larsson
Fuel processing technology 180, 47-55, 2018
Genetic parameters of growth, straightness and wood chemistry traits in Pinus pinaster
C Lepoittevin, JP Rousseau, A Guillemin, C Gauvrit, F Besson, F Hubert, ...
Annals of Forest Science 68, 873-884, 2011
Plasticity of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) wood‐forming tissues during a growing season
JAP Paiva, PH Garnier‐Géré, JC Rodrigues, A Alves, S Santos, J Graça, ...
New Phytologist 179 (4), 1180-1194, 2008
Study of solid chemical evolution in torrefaction of different biomasses through solid-state 13C cross-polarization/magic angle spinning NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and …
ER Alonso, C Dupont, L Heux, DDS Perez, JM Commandre, C Gourdon
Energy 97, 381-390, 2016
Well-defined oligosaccharides by mild acidic hydrolysis of hemicelluloses
M Chemin, AL Wirotius, F Ham-Pichavant, G Chollet, DDS Perez, ...
European Polymer Journal 66, 190-197, 2015
Identification of QTLs controlling growth, chemical and physical wood property traits in Pinus pinaster (Ait.)
T Markussen, M Fladung, V Achere, JM Favre, P Faivre-Rampant, ...
Silvae genetica 52 (1), 8-14, 2003
Torrefaction of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin extracted from woody and agricultural biomass in TGA-GC/MS: Linking production profiles of volatile species to biomass type …
MG Martínez, AA Couce, C Dupont, D da Silva Perez, S Thiéry, XM Meyer, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 176, 114350, 2022
Selective C−O Hydrogenolysis of Erythritol over Supported Rh‐ReOx Catalysts in the Aqueous Phase
A Said, D Da Silva Perez, N Perret, C Pinel, M Besson
ChemCatChem 9 (14), 2768-2783, 2017
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