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Prediction of mechanical properties-modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity-of five tropical species by nondestructive methods
J Baar, J Tippner, P Rademacher
Maderas. Ciencia y tecnologa 17 (2), 239-252, 2015
Evaluation of stiffness and strength of Scots pine wood using resonance frequency and ultrasonic techniques
KTS Hassan, P Horček, J Tippner
BioResources 8 (2), 1634-1645, 2013
Influence of temperature and moisture content on the thermal conductivity of wood-based fibreboards
E Troppov, M Švehlk, J Tippner, R Wimmer
Materials and Structures 48, 4077-4083, 2015
The influence of wood density on longitudinal wave velocity determined by the ultrasound method in comparison to the resonance longitudinal method
J Baar, J Tippner, V Gryc
European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 70 (5), 767, 2012
Mechanical properties of wood examined by semi-destructive devices
M Kloiber, J Tippner, J Hrivnk
Materials and structures 47, 199-212, 2014
FE analysis of CLT panel subjected to torsion and verified by DIC
V Sebera, L Muszyński, J Tippner, M Noyel, T Pisaneschi, B Sundberg
Materials and Structures 48, 451-459, 2015
Determination of the elasto-plastic material characteristics of Norway spruce and European beech wood by experimental and numerical analyses
J Milch, J Tippner, V Sebera, M Brabec
Holzforschung 70 (11), 1081-1092, 2016
Experimental assessment of a full-scale lap scarf timber joint accompanied by a finite element analysis and digital image correlation
J Kuneck, V Sebera, H Hasnikova, A Arciszewska-Kędzior, J Tippner, ...
Construction and Building Materials 76, 24-33, 2015
Wood anatomy and acoustic properties of selected tropical hardwoods
J Baar, J Tippner, V Gryc
IAWA Journal 37 (1), 69-83, 2016
Conventional compressive strength parallel to the grain and mechanical resistance of wood against pin penetration and microdrilling established by in-situ semidestructive devices
M Kloiber, M Drdck, J Tippner, J Hrivnk
Materials and Structures 48, 3217-3229, 2015
Using optical full-field measurement based on digital image correlation to measure strain on a tree subjected to mechanical load
V Sebera, L Praus, J Tippner, J Kuneck, J Čepela, R Wimmer
Trees 28, 1173-1184, 2014
Density profile and microstructural analysis of densified beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.) plasticized by microwave treatment
J Dmny, P Čermk, V Koiš, J Tippner, R Rousek
European journal of wood and wood products 76, 105-111, 2018
Utilization of digital image correlation in determining of both longitudinal shear moduli of wood at single torsion test
M Brabec, R Lagaňa, J Milch, J Tippner, V Sebera
Wood Science and Technology 51, 29-45, 2017
Standard and non-standard deformation behaviour of European beech and Norway spruce during compression
M Brabec, J Tippner, V Sebera, J Milch, P Rademacher
Holzforschung 69 (9), 1107-1116, 2015
Surface characteristics of one-sided charred beech wood
D Machov, A Oberle, L Zrybnick, J Dohnal, V Šeda, J Dmny, ...
Polymers 13 (10), 1551, 2021
Experimental evaluation of mechanical properties of softwood using acoustic methods
J Tippner, J Hrivnk, M Kloiber
BioResources 11 (1), 503-518, 2016
The relation of fibre length and ray dimensions to sound propagation velocity in wood of selected tropical hardwoods
J Baar, J Tippner, V Gryc
IAWA journal 34 (1), 49-60, 2013
Nondestructive evaluation of static bending properties of Scots pine wood using stress wave technique
P Horček, J Tippner, KT Hassan
Wood Research 57 (3), 359-366, 2012
Comparative evaluation of acoustic techniques for detection of damages in historical wood
M Kloiber, L Reinprecht, J Hrivnk, J Tippner
Journal of Cultural Heritage 20, 622-631, 2016
Microwave device for continuous modification of wood
V Koiš, J Dmny, J Tippner
BioResources 9 (2), 3025-3037, 2014
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