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Prof. (Dr.) Faiyaz Shakeel
Prof. (Dr.) Faiyaz Shakeel
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Trích dẫn bởi
Development and bioavailability assessment of ramipril nanoemulsion formulation
S Shafiq, F Shakeel, S Talegaonkar, FJ Ahmad, RK Khar, M Ali
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Nanoemulsions as vehicles for transdermal delivery of aceclofenac
F Shakeel, S Baboota, A Ahuja, J Ali, M Aqil, S Shafiq
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Formulation development and optimization using nanoemulsion technique: a technical note
S Shafiq-un-Nabi, F Shakeel, S Talegaonkar, J Ali, S Baboota, A Ahuja, ...
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Design, development and evaluation of novel nanoemulsion formulations for transdermal potential of celecoxib
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A review on the strategies for oral delivery of proteins and peptides and their clinical perspectives
A Muheem, F Shakeel, MA Jahangir, M Anwar, N Mallick, GK Jain, ...
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Design and development of oral oil in water ramipril nanoemulsion formulation: in vitro and in vivo assessment
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Enhanced antibacterial effects of clove essential oil by nanoemulsion
MK Anwer, S Jamil, EO Ibnouf, F Shakeel
Journal of oleo science 63 (4), 347-354, 2014
Nanoemulsions as potential vehicles for transdermal and dermal delivery of hydrophobic compounds: an overview
F Shakeel, S Shafiq, N Haq, FK Alanazi, IA Alsarra
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Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of Ficus carica Linn. leaves
B Ali, M Mujeeb, V Aeri, SR Mir, M Faiyazuddin, F Shakeel
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Critical steps and energetics involved in a successful development of a stable nanoemulsion
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Celecoxib nanoemulsion: skin permeation mechanism and bioavailability assessment
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Development and evaluation of PLGA polymer based nanoparticles of quercetin
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Ultra fine super self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) enhanced solubility and dissolution of indomethacin
F Shakeel, N Haq, M El-Badry, FK Alanazi, IA Alsarra
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Potential of nanoemulsions for intravenous delivery of rifampicin
M Ahmed, W Ramadan, D Rambhu, F Shakeel
Die Pharmazie-An International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 63 (11 …, 2008
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Development and evaluation of a microemulsion formulation for transdermal delivery of terbinafine
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Solubility determination and three dimensional Hansen solubility parameters of gefitinib in different organic solvents: Experimental and computational approaches
A Alanazi, S Alshehri, M Altamimi, F Shakeel
Journal of Molecular Liquids 299, 112211, 2020
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