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Hossein Moayedi, Ph.D.,
Hossein Moayedi, Ph.D.,
Duytan university
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Trích dẫn bởi
Modification of landslide susceptibility mapping using optimized PSO-ANN technique
H Moayedi, M Mehrabi, M Mosallanezhad, ASA Rashid, B Pradhan
Engineering with Computers 35 (3), 967–984, 2019
Hydrothermal synthesis of DyMn2O5/Ba3Mn2O8 nanocomposite as a potential hydrogen storage material
SR Yousefi, M Masjedi-Arani, MS Morassaei, M Salavati-Niasari, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (43), 24005-24016, 2019
A spatially explicit deep learning neural network model for the prediction of landslide susceptibility
D Van Dao, A Jaafari, M Bayat, D Mafi-Gholami, C Qi, H Moayedi, ...
Catena 188, 104451, 2020
A novel artificial intelligence technique to predict compressive strength of recycled aggregate concrete using ICA-XGBoost model
J Duan, PG Asteris, H Nguyen, XN Bui, H Moayedi
Engineering with Computers 37, 3329-3346, 2021
Employing artificial bee colony and particle swarm techniques for optimizing a neural network in prediction of heating and cooling loads of residential buildings
G Zhou, H Moayedi, M Bahiraei, Z Lyu
Journal of Cleaner Production, 120082, 2020
Electrical Efficiency of Electrolytic Hydrogen Production
K Mazloomi, N Sulaiman, H Moayedi
International journal of electrochemical science 7 (33), 3314-3326, 2012
Applications of Rice Husk Ash as Green and Sustainable Biomass
H Moayedi, B Aghel, MM Abdullahi, H Nguyen, ASA Rashid
Journal of Cleaner Production, 117851, 2019
A systematic review and meta-analysis of artificial neural network application in geotechnical engineering: theory and applications
H Moayedi, M Mosallanezhad, ASA Rashid, WAW Jusoh, MA Muazu
Neural Computing and Applications, 1-24, 2019
Optimization of ANFIS with GA and PSO estimating α ratio in driven piles
H Moayedi, M Raftari, A Sharifi, WAW Jusoh, ASA Rashid
Engineering with Computers, 1-12, 2019
A novel Harris hawks’ optimization and k-fold cross-validation predicting slope stability
H Moayedi, A Osouli, H Nguyen, ASA Rashid
Engineering with Computers, 1-11, 2019
Optimizing an ANN model with ICA for estimating bearing capacity of driven pile in cohesionless soil
H Moayedi, DJ Armaghani
Engineering with Computers 34 (2), 347–356, 2018
Green synthesis using cherry and orange juice and characterization of TbFeO3 ceramic nanostructures and their application as photocatalysts under UV light for removal of …
P Mehdizadeh, Y Orooji, O Amiri, M Salavati-Niasari, H Moayedi
Journal of Cleaner Production 252, 119765, 2020
Novel soft computing model for predicting blast-induced ground vibration in open-pit mines based on particle swarm optimization and XGBoost
X Zhang, H Nguyen, XN Bui, QH Tran, DA Nguyen, DT Bui, H Moayedi
Natural Resources Research 29 (2), 711-721, 2020
Modelling and optimization of ultimate bearing capacity of strip footing near a slope by soft computing methods
H Moayedi, S Hayati
Applied Soft Computing 66, 208-219, 2018
Optimizing ANN models with PSO for predicting short building seismic response
H Nguyen, H Moayedi, LK Foong, HAH Al Najjar, WAW Jusoh, ...
Engineering with Computers 35, 1-15, 2019
Free vibration analysis of an electro-elastic GPLRC cylindrical shell surrounded by viscoelastic foundation using modified length-couple stress parameter
A Ghabussi, N Ashrafi, A Shavalipour, A Hosseinpour, M Habibi, ...
Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines 49 (5), 738-762, 2021
An artificial neural network approach for under-reamed piles subjected to uplift forces in dry sand
H Moayedi, A Rezaei
Neural Computing and Applications 31 (2), 327–336, 2019
Fuzzy-metaheuristic ensembles for spatial assessment of forest fire susceptibility
H Moayedi, M Mehrabi, DT Bui, B Pradhan, LK Foong
Journal of environmental management 260, 109867, 2020
Applicability of a CPT-based neural network solution in predicting load-settlement responses of bored pile
H Moayedi, S Hayati
International Journal of Geomechanics 18 (6), 06018009, 2018
A novel artificial intelligence approach to predict blast-induced ground vibration in open-pit mines based on the firefly algorithm and artificial neural network
Y Shang, H Nguyen, XN Bui, QH Tran, H Moayedi
Natural Resources Research 29 (2), 723-737, 2020
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