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Xiaojun Chen
Xiaojun Chen
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Trích dẫn bởi
Big data analytics on Apache Spark
S Salloum, R Dautov, X Chen, PX Peng, JZ Huang
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TW-k-means: Automated two-level variable weighting clustering algorithm for multiview data
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Attention based LSTM for target dependent sentiment classification
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Semi-supervised Feature Selection via Rescaled Linear Regression.
X Chen, G Yuan, F Nie, JZ Huang
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Semi-supervised feature selection via sparse rescaled linear square regression
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A survey of open source data mining systems
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On spatial-aware community search
Y Fang, Z Wang, R Cheng, X Li, S Luo, J Hu, X Chen
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Purtreeclust: A clustering algorithm for customer segmentation from massive customer transaction data
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Supervised feature selection with a stratified feature weighting method
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Spectral clustering of large-scale data by directly solving normalized cut
X Chen, W Hong, F Nie, D He, M Yang, JZ Huang
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Local adaptive projection framework for feature selection of labeled and unlabeled data
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Scalable normalized cut with improved spectral rotation.
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Hierarchical human-like deep neural networks for abstractive text summarization
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