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Chaitanya Pande
Chaitanya Pande
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Trích dẫn bởi
Ground water flow modeling for calibrating steady state using MODFLOW software: a case study of Mahesh River basin, India
SFR Khadri, C Pande
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 2, 1-17, 2016
GIS based quantitative morphometric analysis and its consequences: a case study from Shanur River Basin, Maharashtra India
CB Pande, K Moharir
Applied Water Science 7 (2), 861-871, 2017
An integrated approach to delineate the groundwater potential zones in Devdari watershed area of Akola district, Maharashtra, Central India
CB Pande, KN Moharir, SK Singh, AM Varade
Environment, Development and Sustainability 22, 4867-4887, 2020
Assessment of groundwater potential zonation of Mahesh River basin Akola and Buldhana districts, Maharashtra, India using remote sensing and GIS techniques
CB Pande, SFR Khadri, KN Moharir, RS Patode
Sustainable Water Resources Management 4, 965-979, 2018
Prediction of irrigation groundwater quality parameters using ANN, LSTM, and MLR models
S Kouadri, CB Pande, B Panneerselvam, KN Moharir, A Elbeltagi
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-25, 2022
Integration of hydrogeological data, GIS and AHP techniques applied to delineate groundwater potential zones in sandstone, limestone and shales rocks of the Damoh district,(MP …
KN Moharir, CB Pande, VK Gautam, SK Singh, NL Rane
Environmental research 228, 115832, 2023
Estimation of crop and forest biomass resources in a semi-arid region using satellite data and GIS
CB Pande, KN Moharir, SK Singh, AM Varade, A Elbeltagi, SFR Khadri, ...
Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences 20 (5), 302-311, 2021
Delineation of groundwater potential zones for sustainable development and planning using analytical hierarchy process (AHP), and MIF techniques
CB Pande, KN Moharir, B Panneerselvam, SK Singh, A Elbeltagi, ...
Applied Water Science 11 (12), 186, 2021
Study of land use classification in an arid region using multispectral satellite images
CB Pande, KN Moharir, SFR Khadri, S Patil
Applied Water Science 8, 1-11, 2018
Prediction of sodium hazard of irrigation purpose using artificial neural network modelling
VK Gautam, CB Pande, KN Moharir, AM Varade, NL Rane, JC Egbueri, ...
Sustainability 15 (9), 7593, 2023
Groundwater evaluation for drinking purposes using statistical index: study of Akola and Buldhana districts of Maharashtra, India
CB Pande, KN Moharir, SK Singh, B Dzwairo
Environment, development and sustainability 22, 7453-7471, 2020
Applications of various data-driven models for the prediction of groundwater quality index in the Akot basin, Maharashtra, India
A Elbeltagi, CB Pande, S Kouadri, ARMT Islam
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-15, 2022
Inverse modelling of aquifer parameters in basaltic rock with the help of pumping test method using MODFLOW software
K Moharir, C Pande, S Patil
Geoscience Frontiers 8 (6), 1385-1395, 2017
Spatial analysis of groundwater quality mapping in hard rock area in the Akola and Buldhana districts of Maharashtra, India
CB Pande, K Moharir
Applied Water Science 8, 1-17, 2018
An integrated approach to explore the suitability of nitrate-contaminated groundwater for drinking purposes in a semiarid region of India
B Panneerselvam, K Muniraj, K Duraisamy, C Pande, S Karuppannan, ...
Environmental Geochemistry and Health 45 (3), 647-663, 2023
An integrated GIS, MIF, and TOPSIS approach for appraising electric vehicle charging station suitability zones in Mumbai, India
NL Rane, A Achari, A Saha, I Poddar, J Rane, CB Pande, R Roy
Sustainable Cities and Society 97, 104717, 2023
Land use/land cover and change detection mapping in Rahuri watershed area (MS), India using the google earth engine and machine learning approach
CB Pande
Geocarto International 37 (26), 13860-13880, 2022
Assessment of morphometric and hypsometric study for watershed development using spatial technology–a case study of Wardha river basin in Maharashtra, India
C Pande, K Moharir, R Pande
International Journal of River Basin Management 19 (1), 43-53, 2021
Quantitative assessment of regional land use and climate change impact on runoff across Gilgit watershed
M Shahid, KU Rahman, S Haider, HF Gabriel, AJ Khan, QB Pham, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 80, 1-18, 2021
Spatial interpolation approach-based appraisal of groundwater quality of arid regions
K Moharir, C Pande, SK Singh, P Choudhari, R Kishan, L Jeyakumar
Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology—AQUA 68 (6), 431-447, 2019
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