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Pawan kumar Mishra
Pawan kumar Mishra
Assistant Professor, Mendel university in brno
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Trích dẫn bởi
Zinc oxide nanoparticles: a promising nanomaterial for biomedical applications
PK Mishra, H Mishra, A Ekielski, S Talegaonkar, B Vaidya
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Ceramic nanoparticles: fabrication methods and applications in drug delivery
S C Thomas, P Kumar Mishra, S Talegaonkar
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Metal nanoparticles: a theranostic nanotool against cancer
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Cellulose nanofiber aerogel as a promising biomaterial for customized oral drug delivery
J Bhandari, H Mishra, PK Mishra, R Wimmer, FJ Ahmad, S Talegaonkar
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The self-assembly of lignin and its application in nanoparticle synthesis: A short review
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Development and characterization of metal oxide nanoparticles for the delivery of anticancer drug
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A review of adsorbents for heavy metal decontamination: Growing approach to wastewater treatment
A Gupta, V Sharma, K Sharma, V Kumar, S Choudhary, P Mankotia, ...
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Assessing the potential of lignin nanoparticles as drug carrier: Synthesis, cytotoxicity and genotoxicity studies
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Aerosol assisted self-assembly as a route to synthesize solid and hollow spherical lignin colloids and its utilization in layer by layer deposition
PK Mishra, R Wimmer
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Nanoparticle-drug conjugates treating bacterial infections
P Jelinkova, A Mazumdar, VP Sur, S Kociova, K Dolezelikova, ...
Journal of controlled Release 307, 166-185, 2019
Lignin for bioeconomy: The present and future role of technical lignin
A Ekielski, PK Mishra
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Effects of Conservation Tillage and Nutrient Management Practices on Soil Fertility and Productivity of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)–Rice System in North Eastern Region …
GS Yadav, R Datta, S Imran Pathan, R Lal, RS Meena, S Babu, A Das, ...
Sustainability 9 (10), 1816, 2017
On the rapid and non-destructive approach for wood identification using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy and chemometric methods
V Sharma, J Yadav, R Kumar, D Tesarova, A Ekielski, PK Mishra
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Utilizing brewer's-spent-grain in wood-based particleboard manufacturing
P Klímek, R Wimmer, PK Mishra, J Kúdela
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Utilising brewer’s spent grain as a source of cellulose nanofibres following separation of protein-based biomass
PK Mishra, T Gregor, R Wimmer
BioResources 12 (1), 107-116, 2017
XPS depth profile of plasma-activated surface of beech wood (Fagus sylvatica) and its impact on polyvinyl acetate tensile shear bond strength
P Král, J Ráhel’, M Stupavská, J Šrajer, P Klímek, PK Mishra, R Wimmer
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Bionanocomposites: Smart biodegradable packaging material for food preservation
S Talegaonkar, H Sharma, S Pandey, PK Mishra, R Wimmer
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Novel 4-in-1 strategy to combat colon cancer, drug resistance and cancer relapse utilizing functionalized bioinspiring lignin nanoparticle
ST Lubna Siddiqui,Harshita Mishra,Pawan kumar Mishra, Zeenat Iqbal
Medical Hypotheses, 2018
Co-delivery of eugenol and dacarbazine by hyaluronic acid-coated liposomes for targeted inhibition of survivin in treatment of resistant metastatic melanoma
H Mishra, PK Mishra, Z Iqbal, M Jaggi, A Madaan, K Bhuyan, N Gupta, ...
Pharmaceutics 11 (4), 163, 2019
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