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Kenneth Loades
Kenneth Loades
Soil Biophysicist
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Trích dẫn bởi
Ecological mitigation of hillslope instability: ten key issues facing researchers and practitioners
A Stokes, GB Douglas, T Fourcaud, F Giadrossich, C Gillies, T Hubble, ...
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Planting density influence on fibrous root reinforcement of soils
KW Loades, AG Bengough, MF Bransby, PD Hallett
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Root anatomical phenes predict root penetration ability and biomechanical properties in maize (Zea Mays)
JG Chimungu, KW Loades, JP Lynch
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Improved soil fertility from compost amendment increases root growth and reinforcement of surface soil on slopes
S Donn, RE Wheatley, BM McKenzie, KW Loades, PD Hallett
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Root hairs aid soil penetration by anchoring the root surface to pore walls
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Scaling of the reinforcement of soil slopes by living plants in a geotechnical centrifuge
T Liang, AG Bengough, JA Knappett, D MuirWood, KW Loades, PD Hallett, ...
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Biomechanics of nodal, seminal and lateral roots of barley: effects of diameter, waterlogging and mechanical impedance
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Root anatomical traits contribute to deeper rooting of maize under compacted field conditions
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Effect of root age on the biomechanics of seminal and nodal roots of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in contrasting soil environments
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A method for automatic segmentation and splitting of hyperspectral images of raspberry plants collected in field conditions
D Williams, A Britten, S McCallum, H Jones, M Aitkenhead, A Karley, ...
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In situ measurement of root reinforcement using corkscrew extraction method
GJ Meijer, AG Bengough, JA Knappett, KW Loades, BC Nicoll
Canadian Geotechnical Journal 55 (10), 1372-1390, 2018
New in situ techniques for measuring the properties of root-reinforced soil–laboratory evaluation
GJ Meijer, AG Bengough, JA Knappett, KW Loades, BC Nicoll
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Soil penetration by maize roots is negatively related to ethylene‐induced thickening
DJ Vanhees, HM Schneider, JS Sidhu, KW Loades, AG Bengough, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 45 (3), 789-804, 2022
A Maize Inbred Exhibits Resistance Against Western Corn Rootwoorm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera
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UK food and nutrition security during and after the COVID‐19 pandemic
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Modifying soil properties with herbaceous plants for natural flood risk-reduction
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In situ root identification through blade penetrometer testing–part 2: field testing
GJ Meijer, G Bengough, J Knappett, K Loades, B Nicoll
Géotechnique 68 (4), 320-331, 2018
Assessment of the use of sediment fences for control of erosion and sediment phosphorus loss after potato harvesting on sloping land
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Science of the total environment 468, 93-103, 2014
The ability of maize roots to grow through compacted soil is not dependent on the amount of roots formed
DJ Vanhees, KW Loades, AG Bengough, SJ Mooney, JP Lynch
Field Crops Research 264, 108013, 2021
Root age influences failure location in grass species during mechanical testing
D Boldrin, AG Bengough, Z Lin, KW Loades
Plant and Soil 461, 457-469, 2021
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