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Department of Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology, Sunway University, Malaysia
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Trích dẫn bởi
Machine learning methods for better water quality prediction
AN Ahmed, FB Othman, HA Afan, RK Ibrahim, CM Fai, MS Hossain, ...
Journal of Hydrology 578, 124084, 2019
Extreme gradient boosting (Xgboost) model to predict the groundwater levels in Selangor Malaysia
AIA Osman, AN Ahmed, MF Chow, YF Huang, A El-Shafie
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 12 (2), 1545-1556, 2021
Air quality status during 2020 Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) due to 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic
S Abdullah, AA Mansor, NNLM Napi, WNW Mansor, AN Ahmed, M Ismail, ...
Science of the Total Environment 729, 139022, 2020
Application of artificial neural networks for water quality prediction
A Najah, A El-Shafie, OA Karim, AH El-Shafie
Neural Computing and Applications 22, 187-201, 2013
Prediction of Johor River water quality parameters using artificial neural networks
A Najah, A Elshafie, OA Karim, O Jaffar
European Journal of scientific research 28 (3), 422-435, 2009
Improving artificial intelligence models accuracy for monthly streamflow forecasting using grey Wolf optimization (GWO) algorithm
Y Tikhamarine, D Souag-Gamane, AN Ahmed, O Kisi, A El-Shafie
Journal of Hydrology 582, 124435, 2020
Daily forecasting of dam water levels: comparing a support vector machine (SVM) model with adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)
A Hipni, A El-shafie, A Najah, OA Karim, A Hussain, M Mukhlisin
Water resources management 27, 3803-3823, 2013
Rainfall forecasting model using machine learning methods: Case study Terengganu, Malaysia
WM Ridwan, M Sapitang, A Aziz, KF Kushiar, AN Ahmed, A El-Shafie
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 12 (2), 1651-1663, 2021
A review of the hybrid artificial intelligence and optimization modelling of hydrological streamflow forecasting
KSMH Ibrahim, YF Huang, AN Ahmed, CH Koo, A El-Shafie
Alexandria Engineering Journal 61 (1), 279-303, 2022
Performance of ANFIS versus MLP-NN dissolved oxygen prediction models in water quality monitoring
A Najah, A El-Shafie, OA Karim, AH El-Shafie
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21, 1658-1670, 2014
Rainfall-runoff modelling using improved machine learning methods: Harris hawks optimizer vs. particle swarm optimization
Y Tikhamarine, D Souag-Gamane, AN Ahmed, SS Sammen, O Kisi, ...
Journal of Hydrology 589, 125133, 2020
Water quality prediction model based support vector machine model for ungauged river catchment under dual scenarios
AS Abobakr Yahya, AN Ahmed, F Binti Othman, RK Ibrahim, HA Afan, ...
Water 11 (6), 1231, 2019
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system coupled with shuffled frog leaping algorithm for predicting river streamflow time series
B Mohammadi, NTT Linh, QB Pham, AN Ahmed, J Vojteková, Y Guan, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal 65 (10), 1738-1751, 2020
Towards a time and cost effective approach to water quality index class prediction
JY Ho, HA Afan, AH El-Shafie, SB Koting, NS Mohd, WZB Jaafar, HL Sai, ...
Journal of Hydrology 575, 148-165, 2019
Performance of artificial neural network and regression techniques for rainfall-runoff prediction
A El-Shafie, M Mukhlisin, AA Najah, MR Taha
International Journal of Physical Sciences 6 (8), 1997-2003, 2011
Modeling the fluctuations of groundwater level by employing ensemble deep learning techniques
HA Afan, A Ibrahem Ahmed Osman, Y Essam, AN Ahmed, YF Huang, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 15 (1), 1420-1439, 2021
A hybrid bat–swarm algorithm for optimizing dam and reservoir operation
ZM Yaseen, MF Allawi, H Karami, M Ehteram, S Farzin, AN Ahmed, ...
Neural Computing and Applications 31, 8807-8821, 2019
Groundwater level prediction using machine learning algorithms in a drought-prone area
QB Pham, M Kumar, F Di Nunno, A Elbeltagi, F Granata, ARMT Islam, ...
Neural Computing and Applications 34 (13), 10751-10773, 2022
An application of different artificial intelligences techniques for water quality prediction
A Najah, A El-Shafie, OA Karim, O Jaafar, AH El-Shafie
Int J Phys Sci 6 (22), 5298-5308, 2011
Water quality prediction model utilizing integrated wavelet-ANFIS model with cross-validation
AA Najah, A El-Shafie, OA Karim, O Jaafar
Neural Computing and Applications 21, 833-841, 2012
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