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S. Emamgholizadeh
S. Emamgholizadeh
Prof. of Water Engineering,Shahrood University of Technology
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Trích dẫn bởi
Prediction the Groundwater Level of Bastam Plain (Iran) by Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)
S Emamgholizadeh, K Moslemi, G Karami
Water Resources Management 28 (Issue 15 (2014)), Page 5433-54, 2014
Prediction of water quality parameters of Karoon River (Iran) by artificial intelligence-based models
S Emamgholizadeh, H Kashi, I Marofpoor, E Zalaghi
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 11, 645-656, 2014
Estimation of soil cation exchange capacity using Genetic Expression Programming (GEP) and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS)
S Emamgolizadeh, SM Bateni, D Shahsavani, T Ashrafi
Journal of Hydrology 529 (Part 3), 1590–1600, 2015
Seed yield prediction of sesame using artificial neural network
S Emamgholizadeh, M Parsaeian, M Baradaran
European Journal of Agronomy 68, 89-96, 2015
Prediction of discharge coefficient of triangular labyrinth weirs using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
AH Haghiabi, A Parsaie, S Ememgholizadeh
Alexandria Engineering Journal, 2017
Prediction of water quality parameters using evolutionary computing-based formulations
M Najafzadeh, A Ghaemi, S Emamgholizadeh
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 16, 6377-6396, 2019
Estimation of soil infiltration and cation exchange capacity based on multiple regression, ANN (RBF, MLP), and ANFIS models
H Kashi, S Emamgholizadeh, H Ghorbani
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 45 (9), 1195-1213, 2014
Simulation of Titicaca lake water level fluctuations using hybrid machine learning technique integrated with grey wolf optimizer algorithm
B Mohammadi, Y Guan, P Aghelpour, S Emamgholizadeh, R Pillco Zolá, ...
Water 12 (11), 3015, 2020
Estimation of soil cation exchange capacity using multiple regression, artificial neural networks, and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system models in Golestan Province, Iran
H Ghorbani, H Kashi, N Hafezi Moghadas, S Emamgholizadeh
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 46 (6), 763-780, 2015
Investigation and evaluation of the pressure flushing through storage reservoir
S Emamgholizadeh, M Bina, M Fathi-Moghadam, M Ghomeyshi
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 1 (4), 7-16, 2006
A comparison of artificial intelligence models for the estimation of daily suspended sediment load: a case study on the Telar and Kasilian rivers in Iran
S Emamgholizadeh, RK Demneh
Water Supply 19 (1), 165-178, 2019
Physical modelling of pressure flushing for desilting of non-cohesive sediment
M Fathi-Moghadam, S Emamgholizadeh, M Bina, M Ghomeshi
Journal of Hydraulic Research 48 (4), 509-514, 2010
Physical and numerical modeling of submerged vegetation roughness in rivers and flood plains
M Fathi-Moghadam, M Kashefipour, N Ebrahimi, S Emamgholizadeh
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 16 (11), 858-864, 2011
Pressure flushing of cohesive sediment in large dam reservoirs
S Emamgholizadeh, M Fathi-Moghdam
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 19 (4), 674-681, 2014
Is stress management related to workforce productivity?
MH ZAREI, HR Razavi, S Emamgholizadeh
Estimation of soil dispersivity using soft computing approaches
S Emamgholizadeh, K Bahman, S Bateni, H Ghorbani, I Marofpoor, ...
Neural Computing and Applications 28 (10.1007/s00521-016-2320-x), 207-216, 2017
New hybrid nature-based algorithm to integration support vector machine for prediction of soil cation exchange capacity
S Emamgholizadeh, B Mohammadi
Soft computing 25 (21), 13451-13464, 2021
Estimation of Wind Drift and Evaporation Losses from Sprinkler Irrigation systemS by Different Data‐Driven Methods
E Maroufpoor, H Sanikhani, S Emamgholizadeh, Ö Kişi
Irrigation and Drainage 67 (2), 222-232, 2018
Evolution of developing flushing cone during the pressurized flushing in reservoir storage
ME Meshkati, AA Dehghani, G Naser, S Emamgholizadeh, A Mosaedi
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 58, 1107-1111, 2009
Prediction of discharge coefficient of combined weir-gate using ANN, ANFIS and SVM
A Parsaie, AH Haghiabi, S Emamgholizadeh, HM Azamathulla
International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology 9 (4), 412-430, 2019
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