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Mohammed Benaafi
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New generation neurocomputing learning coupled with a hybrid neuro-fuzzy model for quantifying water quality index variable: A case study from Saudi Arabia
MS Manzar, M Benaafi, R Costache, O Alagha, ND Mu'azu, M Zubair, ...
Ecological Informatics 70, 101696, 2022
Sedimentological, mineralogical, and geochemical characterization of sand dunes in Saudi Arabia
M Benaafi, O Abdullatif
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 8, 11073-11092, 2015
Computational machine learning approach for flood susceptibility assessment integrated with remote sensing and GIS techniques from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
AM Al-Areeq, SI Abba, MA Yassin, M Benaafi, M Ghaleb, IH Aljundi
Remote Sensing 14 (21), 5515, 2022
Neurocomputing Modelling of Hydrochemical and Physical Properties of Groundwater Coupled with Spatial Clustering, GIS, and Statistical Techniques
M Benaafi, MA Yassin, AG Usman, SI Abba
Sustainability 14 (4), 2250, 2022
Effect of arenite, calcareous, argillaceous, and ferruginous sandstone cuttings on filter cake and drilling fluid properties in horizontal wells
BS Bageri, M Benaafi, M Mahmoud, S Patil, A Mohamed, S Elkatatny
Geofluids 2019, 2019
Sandstone groundwater salinization modelling using physicochemical variables in Southern Saudi Arabia: Application of novel data intelligent algorithms
SI Abba, M Benaafi, AG Usman, IH Aljundi
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 14 (3), 101894, 2023
Analysis of lineaments within the Wajid Group, SW Saudi Arabia, and their tectonic significance
M Benaafi, M Hariri, O Abdullatif, M Makkawi, A Al-Shaibani
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 10, 1-17, 2017
Intelligent optimization for modelling superhydrophobic ceramic membrane oil flux and oil-water separation efficiency: Evidence from wastewater treatment and experimental …
J Usman, BA Salami, A Gbadamosi, H Adamu, AG Usman, M Benaafi, ...
Chemosphere 331, 138726, 2023
Reservoir characterization of the Burqan Formation sandstone from Midyan Basin, northwestern Saudi Arabia
A Al-Laboun, A Al-Quraishi, H Zaman, M Benaafi
Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences 23 (2), 204-214, 2014
Fluoride and nitrate enrichment in coastal aquifers of the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia: The influencing factors, toxicity, and human health risks
SI Abba, JC Egbueri, M Benaafi, J Usman, AG Usman, IH Aljundi
Chemosphere 336, 139083, 2023
Mapping of groundwater salinization and modelling using meta-heuristic algorithms for the coastal aquifer of eastern Saudi Arabia
SI Abba, M Benaafi, AG Usman, DU Ozsahin, B Tawabini, IH Aljundi
Science of The Total Environment 858, 159697, 2023
Effect of formation cutting’s mechanical properties on drilling fluid properties during drilling operations
BS Bageri, M Benaafi, M Mahmoud, A Mohamed, S Patil, S Elkatatny
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 45, 7763-7772, 2020
Intelligent process optimisation based on cutting-edge emotional learning for performance evaluation of NF/RO of seawater desalination plant
SI Abba, M Benaafi, IH Aljundi
Desalination 550, 116376, 2023
Integrated geomechanical, petrographical and petrophysical study of the sandstones of the Wajid Group, SW Saudi Arabia
M Benaafi, M Hariri, A Al-Shaibani, O Abdullatif, M Makkawi
Journal of African Earth Sciences 143, 162-177, 2018
Integrated hydrogeological, hydrochemical, and isotopic assessment of seawater intrusion into coastal aquifers in Al-Qatif Area, Eastern Saudi Arabia
M Benaafi, B Tawabini, SI Abba, JD Humphrey, AM Al-Areeq, SA Alhulaibi, ...
Molecules 27 (20), 6841, 2022
Hydrochemical and Isotopic Investigation of the Groundwater from Wajid Aquifer in Wadi Al-Dawasir, Southern Saudi Arabia
M Benaafi, A Al-Shaibani
Water 13 (13), 1855, 2021
Fractionation of dyes/salts using loose nanofiltration membranes: Insight from machine learning prediction
N Baig, J Usman, SI Abba, M Benaafi, IH Aljundi
Journal of Cleaner Production 418, 138193, 2023
Spatiotemporal variability assessment of trace metals based on subsurface water quality impact integrated with artificial intelligence-based modeling
B Tawabini, MA Yassin, M Benaafi, JA Adetoro, A Al-Shaibani, SI Abba
Sustainability 14 (4), 2192, 2022
Geochemical and Spatial Distribution of Topsoil HMs Coupled with Modeling of Cr Using Chemometrics Intelligent Techniques: Case Study from Dammam Area, Saudi Arabia
MA Yassin, B Tawabini, A Al-Shaibani, JA Adetoro, M Benaafi, ...
Molecules 27 (13), 4220, 2022
P-wave velocity profile at very shallow depths in sand dunes
SM Hanafy, A El-Husseiny, M Benaafi, A Al-Shuhail, J Dvorkin
Geophysics 85 (5), U129-U137, 2020
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