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Adrian Garrido Sanchis
Adrian Garrido Sanchis
Associate Lecturer
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Trích dẫn bởi
Behavior of kaolinite and illite-based clays as landfill barriers
J Cuevas, S Leguey, A Garralón, MR Rastrero, JR Procopio, MT Sevilla, ...
Applied Clay Science 42 (3-4), 497-509, 2009
Replay Attack Detection in Smart Cities using Deep Learning
AA Elsaeidy, N Jagannath, AG Sanchis, A Jamalipour, KS Munasinghe
IEEE Xplore, 2020
Virus and bacteria inactivation by CO2 bubbles in solution
A Garrido Sanchis, R Pashley, B Ninham
NPJ Clean Water 2 (1), 5, 2019
Low temperature MS2 (ATCC15597-B1) virus inactivation using a hot bubble column evaporator (HBCE)
A Garrido, RM Pashley, BW Ninham
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 151, 1-10, 2017
Water sterilisation using different hot gases in a bubble column reactor
A Garrido, RM Pashley, BW Ninham
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 6 (2), 2651-2659, 2018
Improved virus inactivation using a hot bubble column evaporator (HBCE)
AG Sanchis, M Shahid, RM Pashley
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 165, 293-302, 2018
Evaluation of the new energy-efficient hot bubble pilot plant (HBPP) for water sterilization from the livestock farming industry
A Garrido Sanchis, L Jin
Water Resources and Industry, 100135, 2020
The FrogPhone: A novel device for real-time frog call monitoring
AG Sanchis, L Bertolelli, AM Hoefer, MY Alvarez, K Munasinghe
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 11 (2), 222-228, 2020
The improved evaporation efficiency of a hot-bubble pilot plant (HBPP) caused by combustion gas for water treatment
R Wei, AG Sanchis
Water Resources and Industry 25, 100151, 2021
Thermal Inactivation of Viruses and Bacteria with Hot Air Bubbles in Different Electrolyte Solutions
AG Sanchis
Substantia 4 (Special Issue Article), 69-77, 2021
A new commercial prototype of a bubble column evaporator (BCE) for high-quality water production in livestock (piggery) farms
R Wei, AG Sanchis
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 11 (2), 109463, 2023
Establishing the lower bacterial concentration threshold for different optical counting techniques
L Sultana, AG Sanchis
Journal of Microbiological Methods 203, 106620, 2022
Establishing the lower thresholds for water sterilisation with shock waves and hot gas bubbles from the detonation of explosives in water
AG Sanchis, ZJH Berra, L Sultana, H Wang, PJ Hazell
Water Resources and Industry 28, 100187, 2022
Novel water treatment processes
M Taseidifar, AG Sanchis, RM Pashley, BW Ninham
Substantia 3 (2), 11-17, 2019
Very High Efficiency of Pathogen Inactivation by Body Temperature CO2 Bubbles: in Pursuit of Mechanism
AG Sanchis, BW Ninham
Substantia, 57-67, 2021
Sterilization method
RM Pashley, AG Sanchis, B Ninham
US Patent App. 16/767,450, 2021
82. Evaluation of the hot bubble pilot plant for effluent evaporation and water desalination
AG Sanchis, R Wei
Animal-science proceedings 12 (2), 244, 2021
Condensed water recovery and sterilisation
AG Sanchis
AU Patent WO2020124161A1, 2019
Improved water sterilization using a bubble column reactor. From laboratory scale to a pilot plant.
A Garrido Sanchis
UNSW Sydney, 2018
SDR based through the rubble communications for collapsed mines: A proof-of-concept
J McHugh, M Collingridge, AG Sanchis, K Munasinghe, B McGrath
2015 9th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication …, 2015
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