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Quy Nguyen Van
Quy Nguyen Van
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Trích dẫn bởi
Silver nanoparticles: synthesis, properties, toxicology, applications and perspectives
QH Tran, VQ Nguyen, AT Le
Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 4 (3), 033001, 2013
Synthesis of porous CuO nanowires and its application to hydrogen detection
ND Hoa, N Van Quy, H Jung, D Kim, H Kim, SK Hong
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 146 (1), 266-272, 2010
Nanowire structured SnOx–SWNT composites: high performance sensor for NOx detection
ND Hoa, N Van Quy, D Kim
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Synthesis of p-type semiconducting cupric oxide thin films and their application to hydrogen detection
ND Hoa, SY An, NQ Dung, N Van Quy, D Kim
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Gas sensing properties at room temperature of a quartz crystal microbalance coated with ZnO nanorods
N Van Quy, VA Minh, N Van Luan, VN Hung, N Van Hieu
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 153 (1), 188-193, 2011
Functional manganese ferrite/graphene oxide nanocomposites: effects of graphene oxide on the adsorption mechanisms of organic MB dye and inorganic As (v) ions from aqueous solution
PTL Huong, N Tu, H Lan, N Van Quy, PA Tuan, NX Dinh, VN Phan, AT Le
RSC advances 8 (22), 12376-12389, 2018
Porous single-wall carbon nanotube films formed by in Situ arc-discharge deposition for gas sensors application
ND Hoa, N Van Quy, Y Cho, D Kim
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 135 (2), 656-663, 2009
An ammonia gas sensor based on non-catalytically synthesized carbon nanotubes on an anodic aluminum oxide template
ND Hoa, N Van Quy, Y Cho, D Kim
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Graphene-coated quartz crystal microbalance for detection of volatile organic compounds at room temperature
V Van Quang, VN Hung, VN Phan, TQ Huy, N Van Quy
Thin Solid Films 568, 6-12, 2014
Decoration of silver nanoparticles on multiwalled carbon nanotubes: antibacterial mechanism and ultrastructural analysis
NX Dinh, NV Quy, TQ Huy, AT Le
Journal of Nanomaterials 16 (1), 63-63, 2015
Enhanced NH3 gas sensing properties of a QCM sensor by increasing the length of vertically orientated ZnO nanorods
VA Minh, TQ Huy, VN Hung, N Van Quy
Applied surface science 265, 458-464, 2013
Photochemical decoration of silver nanoparticles on graphene oxide nanosheets and their optical characterization
NT Lan, NX Dinh, ND Hung, H Lan, PA Tuan, NN Trung, NQ Hoa, TQ Huy, ...
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Facile synthesis of p-type semiconducting cupric oxide nanowires and their gas-sensing properties
ND Hoa, N Van Quy, MA Tuan, N Van Hieu
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 42 (2), 146-149, 2009
Nanocomposite of SWNTs and SnO2 fabricated by soldering process for ammonia gas sensor application
N Duc Hoa, N Van Quy, Y Suk Cho, D Kim
physica status solidi (a) 204 (6), 1820-1824, 2007
Water-dispersible silver nanoparticles-decorated carbon nanomaterials: synthesis and enhanced antibacterial activity
NX Dinh, DT Chi, NT Lan, H Lan, H Van Tuan, N Van Quy, VN Phan, ...
Applied Physics A 119, 85-95, 2015
Magnetic iron oxide-carbon nanocomposites: Impacts of carbon coating on the As (V) adsorption and inductive heating responses
PTL Huong, H Lan, TT An, N Van Quy, PA Tuan, J Alonso, MH Phan, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 739, 139-148, 2018
Tin oxide nanotube structures synthesized on a template of single-walled carbon nanotubes
ND Hoa, N Van Quy, H Song, Y Kang, Y Cho, D Kim
Journal of Crystal Growth 311 (3), 657-661, 2009
Realization of graphene oxide nanosheets as a potential mass-type gas sensor for detecting NO2, SO2, CO, and NH3
V Van Cat, NX Dinh, VN Phan, AT Le, MH Nam, VD Lam, T Van Dang, ...
Materials Today Communications 25, 101682, 2020
Enhanced SO2 sensing characteristics of multi-wall carbon nanotubes based mass-type sensor using two-step purification process
ND Hoang, V Van Cat, MH Nam, VN Phan, AT Le, N Van Quy
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 295, 696-702, 2019
Functionalized silver nanoparticles-based efficient colorimetric platform: Effects of surface capping agents on the sensing response of thiram pesticide in environmental water …
VT Hoang, NX Dinh, NLN Trang, NT Khi, N Van Quy, PA Tuan, DQ Tri, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 139, 111278, 2021
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