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Dr. Tahir Khuroo
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Topotecan–tamoxifen duple PLGA polymeric nanoparticles: investigation of in vitro, in vivo and cellular uptake potential
T Khuroo, D Verma, S Talegaonkar, S Padhi, AK Panda, Z Iqbal
International journal of pharmaceutics 473 (1-2), 384-394, 2014
Revisiting the nanoformulation design approach for effective delivery of topotecan in its stable form: an appraisal of its in vitro Behavior and tumor amelioration …
S Padhi, MA Mirza, D Verma, T Khuroo, AK Panda, S Talegaonkar, ...
Drug Delivery 23 (8), 2827-2837, 2016
Design expert assisted nanoformulation design for co-delivery of topotecan and thymoquinone: Optimization, in vitro characterization and stability assessment
D Verma, PS Thakur, S Padhi, T Khuroo, S Talegaonkar, Z Iqbal
Journal of Molecular Liquids 242, 382-394, 2017
Preparation, evaluation and pharmacokinetic studies of spray dried PLGA polymeric submicron particles of simvastatin for the effective treatment of breast cancer
N Anzar, MA Mirza, K Anwer, T Khuroo, AS Alshetaili, SM Alshahrani, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 249, 609-616, 2018
Simultaneous delivery of paclitaxel and erlotinib from dual drug loaded PLGA nanoparticles: Formulation development, thorough optimization and in vitro release
T Khuroo, D Verma, A Khuroo, A Ali, Z Iqbal
Journal of Molecular Liquids 257, 52-68, 2018
Glial cell: a potential target for cellular and drug based therapy in various CNS diseases
S Ahmed, A Gull, T Khuroo, M Aqil, Y Sultana
Current pharmaceutical design 23 (16), 2389-2399, 2017
Microneedle technology: a new drug delivery system
N Tabassum, A Sofi, T Khuroo
Int J Res Pharm Biomed Sci 2 (1), 59-62, 2011
Very-rapidly dissolving printlets of isoniazid manufactured by SLS 3D printing: in vitro and in vivo characterization
T Khuroo, EM Mohamed, S Dharani, C Kayalar, T Ozkan, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 19 (8), 2937-2949, 2022
Ultra-long acting prodrug of dolutegravir and delivery system–physicochemical, pharmacokinetic and formulation characterizations
T Khuroo, S Dharani, EM Mohamed, S Immadi, Z Wu, MA Khan, D Lu, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 607, 120889, 2021
Nanopotentiated combination cancer therapy: Chemotherapeutic and chemosensitizer (2C approach)
D Verma, T Khuroo, S Talegaonkar, Z Iqbal
Medical Hypotheses 84 (6), 580-582, 2015
In-use stability assessment of FDA approved metformin immediate release and extended release products for N-Nitrosodimethylamine and dissolution quality attributes
S Dharani, EM Mohamed, T Khuroo, HI Ali, IK Reddy, Z Rahman, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 623, 121923, 2022
Raw materials, technology, healthcare applications, patent repository and clinical trials on 4D printing technology: An updated review
MS Khan, SA Khan, S Shabbir, M Umar, S Mohapatra, T Khuroo, ...
Pharmaceutics 15 (1), 116, 2022
Formulation characterization and pharmacokinetic evaluation of amorphous solid dispersions of dasatinib
S Dharani, EM Mohamed, T Khuroo, Z Rahman, MA Khan
Pharmaceutics 14 (11), 2450, 2022
Revisiting the nanoformulation design approach for effective delivery of topotecan in its stable form: an appraisal of its in vitro behavior and tumor amelioration potential …
S Padhi, M Mirza, D Verma, T Khuroo, A Panda, S Talegaonkar
Oral formulation of paclitaxel and erlotinib polymeric nanoparticles: a potential combination to treat breast cancer
T Khuroo, U Atifa, Z Iqbal
Biomed J. Sci. & Tech Res.| BJSTR 31 (4), 24338-24340, 2020
Qbd based and Box-Behnken design assisted Oral delivery of stable lactone (active) form of Topotecan as PLGA nanoformulation: Cytotoxicity, pharmacokinetic, in vitro, and ex …
T Khuroo, A Khuroo, A Hussain, MA Mirza, AK Panda, J Wani, Z Iqbal
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 77, 103850, 2022
Preparation and characterization of dicarboxylic acids salt of aripiprazole with enhanced physicochemical properties
A Hamideh, Z Rahman, S Dharani, T Khuroo, EM Mohamed, MTH Nutan, ...
Pharmaceutical Development and Technology 26 (4), 455-463, 2021
In-situ implant formulation of laurate and myristate prodrugs of dolutegravir for ultra-long delivery
T Khuroo, EM Mohamed, S Dharani, S Immadi, MTH Nutan, D Lu, HI Ali, ...
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 111 (8), 2312-2321, 2022
An insight of various vesicular systems, erythrosomes, and exosomes to control metastasis and cancer
M Patil, A Hussain, MA Altamimi, S Ashique, N Haider, A Faruk, T Khuroo, ...
Advances in Cancer Biology-Metastasis 7, 100103, 2023
Understanding of PSA biology, factors affecting PSA detection, challenges, various biomarkers, methods, and future perspective of prostate cancer detection and diagnosis
T Khan, MA Altamimi, A Hussain, M Ramzan, S Ashique, MR Alhuzani, ...
Advances in Cancer Biology-Metastasis 5, 100059, 2022
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