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Sara Hennessy
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Teacher perspectives on integrating ICT into subject teaching: commitment, constraints, caution, and change
S Hennessy, K Ruthven, SUE Brindley
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Tablet use in schools: A critical review of the evidence for learning outcomes
B Haßler, L Major, S Hennessy
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Literature review in science education and the role of ICT: Promise, problems and future directions
J Osborne, S Hennessy
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S Hennessy, D Harrison, L Wamakote
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Situated cognition and cognitive apprenticeship: Implications for classroom learning
S Hennessy
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Teacher–student dialogue during classroom teaching: Does it really impact on student outcomes?
C Howe, S Hennessy, N Mercer, M Vrikki, L Wheatley
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Developing a coding scheme for analysing classroom dialogue across educational contexts
S Hennessy, S Rojas-Drummond, R Higham, AM Márquez, F Maine, ...
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Pedagogical approaches for technology-integrated science teaching
S Hennessy, J Wishart, D Whitelock, R Deaney, R Brawn, L La Velle, ...
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Developing the use of information and communication technology to enhance teaching and learning in East African schools: Review of the literature
S Hennessy, B Onguko, D Harrison, EK Ang’ondi, S Namalefe, A Naseem, ...
Centre for Commonwealth Education & Aga Khan University Institute for …, 2010
Constructions of dynamic geometry: A study of the interpretative flexibility of educational software in classroom practice
K Ruthven, S Hennessy, R Deaney
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Review of the Italian strategy for digital schools
F Avvisati, S Hennessy, RB Kozma, S Vincent-Lancrin
OECD, 2013
Situated expertise in integrating use of multimedia simulation into secondary science teaching
S Hennessy, R Deaney, K Ruthven
International Journal of Science Education 28 (7), 701-732, 2006
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