Tung Anh Doan
Tung Anh Doan
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Trích dẫn bởi
An On‐Chip Quad‐Wavelength Pyroelectric Sensor for Spectroscopic Infrared Sensing
TD Dao, S Ishii, AT Doan, Y Wada, A Ohi, T Nabatame, T Nagao
Advanced Science 6 (20), 1900579, 2019
Selective thermal emitters with infrared plasmonic indium tin oxide working in the atmosphere
TD Dao, AT Doan, DH Ngo, K Chen, S Ishii, A Tamanai, T Nagao
Optical Materials Express 9 (6), 2534-2544, 2019
MEMS-based wavelength-selective bolometers
TD Dao, AT Doan, S Ishii, T Yokoyama, HS Ørjan, DH Ngo, T Ohki, A Ohi, ...
Micromachines 10 (6), 416, 2019
Narrow‐Band Thermal Emitter with Titanium Nitride Thin Film Demonstrating High Temperature Stability
ZY Yang, S Ishii, AT Doan, SL Shinde, TD Dao, YP Lo, KP Chen, T Nagao
Advanced Optical Materials 8 (8), 1900982, 2020
A MEMS-Based Quad-Wavelength Hybrid Plasmonic–Pyroelectric Infrared Detector
AT Doan, T Yokoyama, TD Dao, S Ishii, A Ohi, T Nabatame, Y Wada, ...
Micromachines 10 (6), 413, 2019
Taming electromagnetic metamaterials for isotropic perfect absorbers
DT Anh, DT Viet, PT Trang, NM Thang, HQ Quy, NV Hieu, VD Lam, ...
AIP Advances 5 (7), 077119, 2015
Gires-Tournois resonators as ultra-narrowband perfect absorbers for infrared spectroscopic devices
AT Doan, TD Dao, S Ishii, T Nagao
Optics express 27 (12), A725-A737, 2019
Nanoantenna structure with mid-infrared plasmonic niobium-doped titanium oxide
HD Ngo, K Chen, ØS Handegård, AT Doan, TD Ngo, TD Dao, N Ikeda, ...
Micromachines 11 (1), 23, 2020
Epitaxial growth mechanism of high-crystallinity lanthanum hexaboride (001) thin films on silicon (001) by electron beam deposition
ØS Handegård, HD Ngo, RP Sugavaneshwar, TA Doan, F Naoki, S Otani, ...
Applied Physics Express 13 (5), 055504, 2020
Multi-layered radiation light source
T Nagao, TA Doan, DT Dao, S Ishii
US Patent App. 17/052,563, 2021
Infrared plasmonic epitaxial LaB6 films for high-temperature thermal emitters
S Handegård Ørjan, AD Tung, NH Dang, NT Duc, ...
日本表面真空学会学術講演会要旨集 2020, 237, 2020
Infrared plasmonic epitaxial LaB6 films for high-temperature thermal emitters
ØS Handegård, DT Anh, HD Ngo, TD Ngo, RP Sugavaneshwar, TD Dao, ...
日本表面真空学会学術講演会要旨集 2020 年日本表面真空学会学術講演会, 237, 2020
Microstructured Resonant Infrared Absorbers and Emitters for Spectroscopic Sensing and Thermal Heating Applications [an abstract of entire text]
TA Doan
北海道大学, 2019
Structure, optical and electrical properties of sputter deposited LaB6 thin films
HD NGO, OS Handegard, TD Ngo, TA Doan, DT Dao, T Nabatame, ...
日本表面真空学会学術講演会要旨集 2019 年日本表面真空学会学術講演会, 2P18S, 2019
Asymmetric Fabry-Perot cavity based perfect absorber for infrared spectroscopic devices
AT Doan, TD Dao, S Ishii, T Nagao
JSAP-OSA Joint Symposia, 18p_211B_8, 2018
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