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Philippe Rozenberg
Philippe Rozenberg
Directeur de Recherches, INRAE
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Trích dẫn bởi
Colour of larch heartwood and relationships to extractives and brown-rot decay resistance
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A common near infrared—based partial least squares regression model for the prediction of wood density of Pinus pinaster and Larix × eurolepis
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Species mixture increases the effect of drought on tree ring density, but not on ring width, in Quercus petraea–Pinus sylvestris stands
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Dynamics of cavitation in a Douglas-fir tree-ring: transition-wood, the lord of the ring?
G Dalla Salda, ME Fernández, AS Sergent, P Rozenberg, E Badel, ...
INRA, 2014
The role of plant hormones in tree-ring formation
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Genetic trends in wood density and radial growth with cambial age in a radiata pine progeny test
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