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Rached Ben Mansour
Rached Ben Mansour
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Trích dẫn bởi
Carbon capture by physical adsorption: materials, experimental investigations and numerical modeling and simulations–a review
R Ben-Mansour, MA Habib, OE Bamidele, M Basha, NAA Qasem, ...
Applied Energy 161, 225-255, 2016
Acoustic detection of leaks in water pipelines using measurements inside pipe
YA Khulief, A Khalifa, RB Mansour, MA Habib
Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice 3 (2), 47-54, 2012
An efficient CO2 adsorptive storage using MOF-5 and MOF-177
NAA Qasem, R Ben-Mansour, MA Habib
Applied energy 210, 317-326, 2018
A review of recent developments in carbon capture utilizing oxy‐fuel combustion in conventional and ion transport membrane systems
MA Habib, HM Badr, SF Ahmed, R Ben‐Mansour, K Mezghani, ...
International Journal of Energy Research 35 (9), 741-764, 2011
A review on recent development for the design and packaging of hybrid photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) solar systems
AS Abdelrazik, FA Al-Sulaiman, R Saidur, R Ben-Mansour
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 95, 110-129, 2018
Computational fluid dynamic simulation of small leaks in water pipelines for direct leak pressure transduction
R Ben-Mansour, MA Habib, A Khalifa, K Youcef-Toumi, D Chatzigeorgiou
Computers & Fluids 57, 110-123, 2012
Oxy‐fuel combustion technology: current status, applications, and trends
MA Nemitallah, MA Habib, HM Badr, SA Said, A Jamal, R Ben‐Mansour, ...
International Journal of Energy Research 41 (12), 1670-1708, 2017
An efficient temperature swing adsorption (TSA) process for separating CO2 from CO2/N2 mixture using Mg-MOF-74
R Ben-Mansour, NAA Qasem
Energy Conversion and Management 156, 10-24, 2018
Recent development in oxy-combustion technology and its applications to gas turbine combustors and ITM reactors
MA Habib, M Nemitallah, R Ben-Mansour
Energy & fuels 27 (1), 2-19, 2013
Node Localization in Robotic Sensor Networks for Pipeline Inspection
D.Wu,D.Chatzigeorgiou,K.Youcef-Toumi, R.Ben-Mansour
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 12 (2), Pages 809-819, 2016
Design of a novel in-pipe reliable leak detector
D Chatzigeorgiou, K Youcef-Toumi, R Ben-Mansour
IEEE/ASmE Transactions on mechatronics 20 (2), 824-833, 2014
Study of pressure fluctuations and induced vibration at blade-passing frequencies of a double volute pump
AE Khalifa, AM Al-Qutub, R Ben-Mansour
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 36, 1333-1345, 2011
Energy and productivity efficient vacuum pressure swing adsorption process to separate CO2 from CO2/N2 mixture using Mg-MOF-74: A CFD simulation
NAA Qasem, R Ben-Mansour
Applied energy 209, 190-202, 2018
Numerical investigation of erosion threshold velocity in a pipe with sudden contraction
HM Badr, MA Habib, R Ben-Mansour, SAM Said
Computers & fluids 34 (6), 721-742, 2005
Evaluation of flow maldistribution in air-cooled heat exchangers
MA Habib, R Ben-Mansour, SAM Said, MS Al-Qahtani, JJ Al-Bagawi, ...
Computers & Fluids 38 (3), 677-690, 2009
Palladium-alloy membrane reactors for fuel reforming and hydrogen production: a review
MA Habib, A Harale, S Paglieri, FS Alrashed, A Al-Sayoud, MV Rao, ...
Energy & Fuels 35 (7), 5558-5593, 2021
Adsorption breakthrough and cycling stability of carbon dioxide separation from CO2/N2/H2O mixture under ambient conditions using 13X and Mg-MOF-74
NAA Qasem, R Ben-Mansour
Applied energy 230, 1093-1107, 2018
Evaluation of gas radiation models in CFD modeling of oxy-combustion
MA Rajhi, R Ben-Mansour, MA Habib, MA Nemitallah, K Andersson
Energy conversion and management 81, 83-97, 2014
Erosion rate correlations of a pipe protruded in an abrupt pipe contraction
MA Habib, HM Badr, R Ben-Mansour, ME Kabir
International journal of impact engineering 34 (8), 1350-1369, 2007
Entropy generation in laminar fluid flow through a circular pipe
AZ Sahin, R Ben-Mansour
Entropy 5 (5), 404-416, 2003
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