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Haoyuan Hong
Haoyuan Hong
Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A comparative study of logistic model tree, random forest, and classification and regression tree models for spatial prediction of landslide susceptibility
W Chen, X Xie, J Wang, B Pradhan, H Hong, DT Bui, Z Duan, J Ma
Catena 151, 147-160, 2017
A comparative assessment of flood susceptibility modeling using multi-criteria decision-making analysis and machine learning methods
K Khosravi, H Shahabi, BT Pham, J Adamowski, A Shirzadi, B Pradhan, ...
Journal of Hydrology 573, 311-323, 2019
Spatial prediction of landslide hazard at the Yihuang area (China) using two-class kernel logistic regression, alternating decision tree and support vector machines
H Hong, B Pradhan, C Xu, DT Bui
Catena 133, 266-281, 2015
Landslide susceptibility mapping using J48 Decision Tree with AdaBoost, Bagging and Rotation Forest ensembles in the Guangchang area (China)
H Hong, J Liu, DT Bui, B Pradhan, TD Acharya, BT Pham, AX Zhu, ...
Catena 163, 399-413, 2018
Landslide susceptibility assessment in Lianhua County (China): a comparison between a random forest data mining technique and bivariate and multivariate statistical models
H Hong, HR Pourghasemi, ZS Pourtaghi
Geomorphology 259, 105-118, 2016
Flood susceptibility assessment in Hengfeng area coupling adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system with genetic algorithm and differential evolution
H Hong, M Panahi, A Shirzadi, T Ma, J Liu, AX Zhu, W Chen, I Kougias, ...
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Comparison of convolutional neural networks for landslide susceptibility mapping in Yanshan County, China
Y Wang, Z Fang, H Hong
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Application of fuzzy weight of evidence and data mining techniques in construction of flood susceptibility map of Poyang County, China
H Hong, P Tsangaratos, I Ilia, J Liu, AX Zhu, W Chen
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Landslide susceptibility modelling using GIS-based machine learning techniques for Chongren County, Jiangxi Province, China
W Chen, J Peng, H Hong, H Shahabi, B Pradhan, J Liu, AX Zhu, X Pei, ...
Science of the total environment 626, 1121-1135, 2018
Modeling flood susceptibility using data-driven approaches of naïve bayes tree, alternating decision tree, and random forest methods
W Chen, Y Li, W Xue, H Shahabi, S Li, H Hong, X Wang, H Bian, S Zhang, ...
Science of The Total Environment 701, 134979, 2020
Application of alternating decision tree with AdaBoost and bagging ensembles for landslide susceptibility mapping
Y Wu, Y Ke, Z Chen, S Liang, H Zhao, H Hong
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Flood susceptibility modelling using novel hybrid approach of reduced-error pruning trees with bagging and random subspace ensembles
W Chen, H Hong, S Li, H Shahabi, Y Wang, X Wang, BB Ahmad
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Rainfall-induced landslide susceptibility assessment at the Chongren area (China) using frequency ratio, certainty factor, and index of entropy
H Hong, W Chen, C Xu, AM Youssef, B Pradhan, D Tien Bui
Geocarto international 32 (2), 139-154, 2017
GIS-based landslide susceptibility modelling: a comparative assessment of kernel logistic regression, Naïve-Bayes tree, and alternating decision tree models
W Chen, X Xie, J Peng, J Wang, Z Duan, H Hong
Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 8 (2), 950-973, 2017
GIS-based spatial prediction of flood prone areas using standalone frequency ratio, logistic regression, weight of evidence and their ensemble techniques
M Shafapour Tehrany, F Shabani, M Neamah Jebur, H Hong, W Chen, ...
Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 8 (2), 1538-1561, 2017
Application of frequency ratio, weights of evidence and evidential belief function models in landslide susceptibility mapping
Q Ding, W Chen, H Hong
Geocarto international 32 (6), 619-639, 2017
Flood susceptibility mapping using convolutional neural network frameworks
Y Wang, Z Fang, H Hong, L Peng
Journal of Hydrology 582, 124482, 2020
Integration of convolutional neural network and conventional machine learning classifiers for landslide susceptibility mapping
Z Fang, Y Wang, L Peng, H Hong
Computers & Geosciences 139, 104470, 2020
Flood susceptibility mapping in Dingnan County (China) using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system with biogeography based optimization and imperialistic competitive algorithm
Y Wang, H Hong, W Chen, S Li, M Panahi, K Khosravi, A Shirzadi, ...
Journal of environmental management 247, 712-729, 2019
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