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Ali Naderi Bakhtiyari
Ali Naderi Bakhtiyari
School of Mechanical Engineering, Shandong University of Technology
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Trích dẫn bởi
Thermal conductivity of Cu/TiO2-water/EG hybrid nanofluid: Experimental data and modeling using artificial neural network and correlation
M Hemmat Esfe, S Wongwises, A Naderi, A Asadi, MR Safaei, ...
Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 66, 100-104, 2015
Modeling of thermal conductivity of ZnO-EG using experimental data and ANN methods
M Hemmat Esfe, S Saedodin, A Naderi, A Alirezaie, A Karimipour, ...
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 63, 35-40, 2015
Applications of feedforward multilayer perceptron artificial neural networks and empirical correlation for prediction of thermal conductivity of Mg(OH)2-EG using experimental data
M Hemmat Esfe, M Afrand, S Wongwises, A Naderi, A Asadi, S Rostami, ...
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 67, 46-50, 2015
Evaluation of thermal conductivity of COOH-functionalized MWCNTs/water via temperature and solid volume fraction by using experimental data and ANN methods
M Hemmat Esfe, A Naderi, M Akbari, M Afrand, A Karimipour
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 121, 1273-1278, 2015
Feasibility of ANFIS-PSO and ANFIS-GA Models in Predicting Thermophysical Properties of Al2O3-MWCNT/Oil Hybrid Nanofluid
IM Alarifi, HM Nguyen, A Naderi Bakhtiyari, A Asadi
Materials 12 (21), 3628, 2019
A review on applications of artificial intelligence in modeling and optimization of laser beam machining
AN Bakhtiyari, Z Wang, L Wang, H Zheng
Optics & Laser Technology 135, 106721, 2021
A Comparative Study of Laser-Induced Graphene by CO2 Infrared Laser and 355 nm Ultraviolet (UV) Laser
L Wang, Z Wang, AN Bakhtiyari, H Zheng
Micromachines 11 (12), 1094, 2020
Predictability evaluation of support vector regression methods for thermophysical properties, heat transfer performance, and pumping power estimation of MWCNT/ZnO–engine oil …
A Asadi, AN Bakhtiyari, IM Alarifi
Engineering with Computers 37 (4), 3813-3823, 2021
Applicability of artificial neural network and nonlinear regression to predict mechanical properties of equal channel angular rolled Al5083 sheets
M Mahmoodi, A Naderi
Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures 13, 1515-1525, 2016
Feasibility of artificial neural network on modeling laser-induced colors on stainless steel
AN Bakhtiyari, Z Wang, H Zheng
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 65, 471-477, 2021
Correlation Between Structural Parameters and Mechanical Properties of Al5083 Sheets Processed by ECAR
M Mahmoodi, A Naderi, G Dini
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 26, 6022–6027, 2017
Laser machining sapphire via Si-sapphire interface absorption and process optimization using an integrated approach of the Taguchi method with grey relational analysis
AN Bakhtiyari, Y Wu, L Wang, Z Wang, H Zheng
journal of materials research and technology 24, 663-674, 2023
Modeling temporal and spatial evolutions of laser-induced plasma characteristics by using machine learning algorithms
AN Bakhtiyari, Y Wu, D Qi, H Zheng
Optik 272, 170297, 2023
Simultaneous laser in-situ generation of graphene and micro-textures on ductile iron and their effects on tribological properties
W Liu, Z Wang, W Yuan, W Tian, X Sun, C Wang, AN Bakhtiyari, J Cong, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 15, 6541-6550, 2021
Molecular dynamic study of perovskite with improved thermal and mechanical stability for solar cells application: Calculation the final strength of the modeled atomic …
M Omidi, Z Karimi, S Rahmani, AN Bakhtiyari, MK Abdolmaleki
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 156, 1-7, 2023
Magnetic-responsive Fe3O4@ PDMS@ SiO2 omniphobic microciliary arrays for dynamic manipulation of droplets and spheres
K Wang, AN Bakhtiyari, Y Wu, M Liu, H Zheng
Surfaces and Interfaces 42, 103487, 2023
Enhancing wettability of sapphire (Al2O3) substrate through laser surface texturing
AN Bakhtiyari, A Yadav, Y Wu, H Zheng
Materials Letters 355, 135506, 2024
Magneto-responsive wettability-switchable surfaces for in-situ large distance droplets capturing-releasing-bouncing
K Wang, AN Bakhtiyari, Y Wu, M Liu, H Zheng
Chemical Engineering Journal 478, 147420, 2023
Effect of using reflective target materials on enhancing UV nanosecond laser machining of sapphire
AN Bakhtiyari, K Wang, C Wang, Y Wu, H Zheng
Optik 290, 171333, 2023
Microstructure and its Relationship to Mechanical Properties in Equal Channel Angular Rolled Al6061 Alloy Sheets
M Mahmoodi, A Naderi
Iranian Journal of Materials Forming 6 (1), 16-23, 2019
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