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Yasser El-Husseini Ibrahim Mansour
Yasser El-Husseini Ibrahim Mansour
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A Systematic Review of Piezoelectric Materials and Energy Harvesters for Industrial Applications
JMZ Abdul Aabid, Md Abdul Raheman,Yasser E. Ibrahim, Asraar Anjum, Meftah ...
Sensors 21 (12), 1-28, 2021
A visco-plastic device for seismic protection of structures
YE Ibrahim, J Marshall, FA Charney
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 63 (11), 1515-1528, 2007
A Review of Piezoelectric Material-Based Structural Control and Health Monitoring Techniques for Engineering Structures: Challenges and Opportunities
NPJMZ Abdul Aabid, Bisma Parveez, Md Abdul Raheman, Yasser E. Ibrahim ...
Actuators 10 (5), 1-26, 2021
Durability performance of pervious concrete containing rice husk ash and calcium carbide: A response surface methodology approach
M Adamu, KO Ayenia, SI Harunaa, YEH Ibrahim, S Haruna
Case Studies in Construction Materials 14 (e00547), 1-13, 2021
Seismic fragility curves for mid-rise reinforced concrete frames in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
YE Ibrahim, MM El-Shami
The IES Journal Part A: Civil & Structural Engineering 4 (4), 213-223, 2011
Prediction of compressive strength of concrete incorporated with jujube seed as partial replacement of coarse aggregate: a feasibility of Hammerstein–Wiener model versus …
M Adamu, SI Haruna, SI Malami, MN Ibrahim, SI Abba, YE Ibrahim
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 2021
Response of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures under Blast Loading
MN YE Ibrahim, MA Ismail
Procedia Engineering 171, 890-898, 2017
Modeling and optimization of the mechanical properties of date fiber reinforced concrete containing silica fume using response surface methodology
M Adamu, ML Marouf, YE Ibrahim, OS Ahmed, H Alanazi, AL Marouf
Case Studies in Construction Materials 17, e01633, 2022
Utilization of fly ash as a viscosity-modifying agent to produce cost-effective, self-compacting concrete: A sustainable solution
A Hameed, AM Rasool, YE Ibrahim, MFUD Afzal, AU Qazi, I Hameed
Sustainability 14 (18), 11559, 2022
Assessment of structural response of an existing structure under blast load using finite element
yasser e. ibrahim, M Nabil
Alexandria Engineering Journal 2019, 2019
Durability performance of self-compacting concrete containing crumb rubber, fly ash and calcium carbide waste
SE Kelechi, M Adamu, A Mohammed, YE Ibrahim, II Obianyo
Materials 15 (2), 488, 2022
Stress analysis of laminated glass with different interlayer materials
YEI Mostafa M ElShami, Scott Norville
Alexandria Engineering Journal 51 (1), 61-67, 2012
Mechanical Properties and Durability Performance of Concrete Containing Calcium Carbide Residue and Nano Silica
M Adamu, Y Ibrahim, M Al-Atroush, H Alanazi
Materials 14 (6960), 1-28, 2021
A comprehensive review on coal fly ash and its application in the construction industry
SE Kelechi, M Adamu, OAU Uche, IP Okokpujie, YE Ibrahim, II Obianyo
Cogent Engineering 9 (1), 2114201, 2022
A Comprehensive Review on Sustainable Natural Fiber in Cementitious Composites: The Date Palm Fiber Case
M Adamu, F Alanazi, YE Ibrahim, H Alanazi, VC Khed
Sustainability 14 (6691), 2022
Mechanical Performance of Date-Palm-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Containing Silica Fume
Ibrahim, A Yasser E., M Musa, S Mohammad Louay, D Omar Ahmed, ...
Buildings 12 (10), 2022
A new visco-plastic device for seismic protection of structures
YEH Ibrahim
Virginia Tech, 2005
What Motivates Students to Study Engineering? A Comparative Study between Males and Females in Saudi Arabia
W Labib, A Abdelsattar, Y Ibrahim, A Abdelhadi
Education Sciences 11 (147), 2021
Feature selection approach for failure mode detection of reinforced concrete bridge columns
NM Ali, AIB Farouk, SI Haruna, H Alanazi, M Adamu, YE Ibrahim
Case Studies in Construction Materials 17, e01383, 2022
Evaluation of the mechanical performance of concrete containing calcium carbide residue and nano silica using response surface methodology
M Adamu, SI Haruna, YE Ibrahim, H Alanazi
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-27, 2022
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