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Yvan Gariepy
Yvan Gariepy
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Trích dẫn bởi
Studies on banana fruit quality and maturity stages using hyperspectral imaging
P Rajkumar, N Wang, G EImasry, GSV Raghavan, Y Gariepy
Journal of food engineering 108 (1), 194-200, 2012
Optimization of Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Phenolic Antioxidants from Grape Seeds (Vitis vinifera)
K Krishnaswamy, V Orsat, Y Gariépy, K Thangavel
Food and Bioprocess Technology 6, 441-455, 2013
Microwave-assisted extraction of phenolic antioxidants from potato peels
A Singh, K Sabally, S Kubow, DJ Donnelly, Y Gariepy, V Orsat, ...
Molecules 16 (3), 2218-2232, 2011
Influence of postharvest UV-C hormesis on the bioactive components of tomato during post-treatment handling
SL Jagadeesh, MT Charles, Y Gariepy, B Goyette, GSV Raghavan, ...
Food and Bioprocess Technology 4, 1463-1472, 2011
Comparison of microwave, ultrasonic and conventional techniques for extraction of bioactive compounds from olive leaves (Olea europaea L.)
GS da Rosa, SK Vanga, Y Gariepy, V Raghavan
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 58, 102234, 2019
Drying kinetics of tomato slices in vacuum assisted solar and open sun drying methods
P Rajkumar, S Kulanthaisami, GSV Raghavan, Y Gariépy, V Orsat
Drying Technology 25 (7-8), 1349-1357, 2007
Dielectric properties of egg components and microwave heating for in-shell pasteurization of eggs
SRS Dev, GSV Raghavan, Y Gariepy
Journal of Food Engineering 86 (2), 207-214, 2008
Optimization and characterization of hydrochar produced from microwave hydrothermal carbonization of fish waste
S Kannan, Y Gariepy, GSV Raghavan
Waste management 65, 159-168, 2017
Effects of biochar anodes in rice plant microbial fuel cells on the production of bioelectricity, biomass, and methane
JM Khudzari, Y Gariépy, J Kurian, B Tartakovsky, GSV Raghavan
Biochemical engineering journal 141, 190-199, 2019
Radio-frequency treatment for ready-to-eat fresh carrots
V Orsat, Y Gariepy, GSV Raghavan, D Lyew
Food Research International 34 (6), 527-536, 2001
Effects of Microwave-Assisted Hot Air Drying and Conventional Hot Air Drying on the Drying Kinetics, Color, Rehydration, and Volatiles of Moringa oleifera
SRS Dev, P Geetha, V Orsat, Y Gariépy, GSV Raghavan
Drying Technology 29 (12), 1452-1458, 2011
Comparison of conventional and microwave treatment on soymilk for inactivation of trypsin inhibitors and in vitro protein digestibility
BH Vagadia, SK Vanga, A Singh, Y Gariepy, V Raghavan
Foods 7 (1), 6, 2018
Respiration rate model and modified atmosphere packaging of fresh cauliflower
C Ratti, GSV Raghavan, Y Gariepy
Journal of Food Engineering 28 (3-4), 297-306, 1996
Drying of pineapple by microwave-vacuum with osmotic pretreatment
JLG Corrêa, SRS Dev, Y Gariepy, GSV Raghavan
Drying Technology 29 (13), 1556-1561, 2011
A comparative study on the effect of chemical, microwave, and pulsed electric pretreatments on convective drying and quality of raisins
SRS Dev, T Padmini, A Adedeji, Y Gariépy, GSV Raghavan
Drying Technology 26 (10), 1238-1243, 2008
Precooling and modified atmosphere storage of green asparagus
Y Gariepy, GSV Raghavan, F Castaigne, J Arul, C Willemot
Journal of food processing and preservation 15 (3), 215-224, 1991
Effect of thermal and high electric fields on secondary structure of peanut protein
SK Vanga, A Singh, F Kalkan, Y Gariepy, V Orsat, V Raghavan
International Journal of Food Properties 19 (6), 1259-1271, 2016
MA storage of Cavendish bananas using silicone membrane and diffusion channel systems
OJ Stewart, GSV Raghavan, KD Golden, Y Gariepy
Postharvest Biology and Technology 35 (3), 309-317, 2005
Improving cranberry shelf-life using high voltage electric field treatment
V Palanimuthu, P Rajkumar, V Orsat, Y Gariépy, GSV Raghavan
Journal of food engineering 90 (3), 365-371, 2009
Optimization and characterization of hydrochar derived from shrimp waste
S Kannan, Y Gariepy, GSV Raghavan
Energy & Fuels 31 (4), 4068-4077, 2017
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