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Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
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Trích dẫn bởi
Salmon skin gelatin-corn zein composite films produced via crosslinking with glutaraldehyde: Optimization using response surface methodology and characterization
HY Fan, D Duquette, MJ Dumont, BK Simpson
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Frying stability of rice bran oil and palm olein
HY Fan, MS Sharifudin, M Hasmadi, HM Chew
International Food Research Journal 20 (1), 403-407, 2013
Extraction of gelatin from salmon (Salmo salar) fish skin using trypsin-aided process: optimization by Plackett–Burman and response surface methodological approaches
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Microbiological quality and the impact of hygienic practices on the raw milk obtained from the small-scale dairy farmers in Sabah, Malaysia
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Trends in blending vegetable fats and oils for cocoa butter alternative application: A review
MR Norazlina, MHA Jahurul, M Hasmadi, AH Mansoor, J Norliza, ...
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Preparation and physicochemical characterization of films prepared with salmon skin gelatin extracted by a trypsin-aided process
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An overview of fermentation in rice winemaking
M Koay, HY Fan, CMVL Wong
Canrea Journal: Food Technology, Nutritions, and Culinary Journal, 12-37, 2022
An overview of the role of lactic acid bacteria in fermented foods and their potential probiotic properties
KH Min, FH Yin, Z Amin, RF Mansa, CMWV Ling
Borneo International Journal of Biotechnology (BIJB) 2, 65-83, 2022
Isolation of Yeasts from Grapes for Rice Wine Starter Culture Preparation
RL Odong, FH Yin, Z Amin, RF Mansa, CMWV Ling
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Effect of Seaweed Powder on the Quality of the Pineapple-Chili Sauce
MA Hamid, TP Shan, M Devi, W Pindi, JH Akanda, H Mamat, HY Fan
2nd International Conference on Social, Applied Science, and Technology in …, 2020
Evaluation of Fish Gelatin and Sodium Alginate Blend as Gelling Agents for Pudding Containing Virgin Coconut Oil
HY Fan, BZ Ko, CK Siew, MA Hamid
Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science 42, 1209, 2019
Effect Of Microwave Heating and Refrigeration Stabilization Methods on Some Physicochemical Properties of Rice Bran Oil
HY Fan, SW Chaw
Biotransformation of Pineapple into Vinegar
HY Fan, M Abd Hamid, JS Lee, H Mamat, SF Mohd Amin, ...
A Short Review on the Potential of Fruits for the Production of Vinegar with Functional Properties
HY Fan, JS Lee, M Abdul Hamid, H Mamat, JH Akanda, SFM Amin
Transactions on Science and Technology 8 (3-2), 159 - 163, 2021
Quality of Oil Extracted from Oil Palm Fruit (Elaeis guineensis) after Enzymatic Pre-Treatments
HY Fan, HM Kho
2nd International Conference and Expo on Food and Nutrition (2nd ICFN - 2019 …, 2019
Salmon skin gelatin extracted from trypsin-aided process for film with improved water resistance
HY Fan
McGill University (Canada), 2019
Enzymes and Inhibitors in Food and Health
NA Ackaah‐Gyasi, P Patel, J Ducharme, HY Fan, BK Simpson
Functional Polymers in Food Science, 289, 2015
Development of Mangifera sp. sauce
HY Fan, RS Lee
International Conference on Food Science and Nutrition 2012 (ICFSN2012), 2012
Three-Factor Response Surface Optimization of the Enzymatic Synthesis of Position-Specific Low Calorie Structured Lipids
HY Fan, S Mamot, S Jumat
Regional Seminar Science, Technology and Social Science 2010, 2010
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