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Akhil Kabra
Akhil Kabra
Yonsei University, South Korea
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Trích dẫn bởi
Cultivation of microalgae species in tertiary municipal wastewater supplemented with CO2 for nutrient removal and biomass production
MK Ji, RAI Abou-Shanab, SH Kim, ES Salama, SH Lee, AN Kabra, ...
Ecological Engineering 58, 142-148, 2013
Enhancement of microalgae growth and fatty acid content under the influence of phytohormones
ES Salama, AN Kabra, MK Ji, JR Kim, B Min, BH Jeon
Bioresource Technology 172, 97-103, 2014
Biodegradation of bisphenol A by the freshwater microalgae Chlamydomonas mexicana and Chlorella vulgaris
MK Ji, AN Kabra, J Choi, JH Hwang, JR Kim, RAI Abou-Shanab, YK Oh, ...
Ecological engineering 73, 260-269, 2014
Development of a bioreactor for remediation of textile effluent and dye mixture: a plant–bacterial synergistic strategy
AN Kabra, RV Khandare, SP Govindwar
Water research 47 (3), 1035-1048, 2013
Toxicity of atrazine and its bioaccumulation and biodegradation in a green microalga, Chlamydomonas mexicana
AN Kabra, MK Ji, J Choi, JR Kim, SP Govindwar, BH Jeon
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21, 12270-12278, 2014
Mixotrophic cultivation of a microalga Scenedesmus obliquus in municipal wastewater supplemented with food wastewater and flue gas CO2 for biomass production
MK Ji, HS Yun, YT Park, AN Kabra, IH Oh, J Choi
Journal of environmental management 159, 115-120, 2015
Phytoremediation potential of Portulaca grandiflora Hook.(Moss-Rose) in degrading a sulfonated diazo reactive dye Navy Blue HE2R (Reactive Blue 172)
RV Khandare, AN Kabra, MB Kurade, SP Govindwar
Bioresource technology 102 (12), 6774-6777, 2011
The role of Aster amellus Linn. in the degradation of a sulfonated azo dye Remazol Red: a phytoremediation strategy
RV Khandare, AN Kabra, DP Tamboli, SP Govindwar
Chemosphere 82 (8), 1147-1154, 2011
Cultivation of an indigenous Chlorella sorokiniana with phytohormones for biomass and lipid production under N-limitation
AG Babu, X Wu, AN Kabra, DP Kim
Algal research 23, 178-185, 2017
Treatment of dye containing wastewaters by a developed lab scale phytoreactor and enhancement of its efficacy by bacterial augmentation
RV Khandare, AN Kabra, AA Kadam, SP Govindwar
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 78, 89-97, 2013
Cultivation of a new microalga, Micractinium reisseri, in municipal wastewater for nutrient removal, biomass, lipid, and fatty acid production
RAI Abou-Shanab, MM El-Dalatony, MM El-Sheekh, MK Ji, ES Salama, ...
Biotechnology and bioprocess engineering 19, 510-518, 2014
Differential fate of metabolism of a sulfonated azo dye Remazol Orange 3R by plants Aster amellus Linn., Glandularia pulchella (Sweet) Tronc. and their consortium
AN Kabra, RV Khandare, TR Waghmode, SP Govindwar
Journal of Hazardous Materials 190 (1-3), 424-431, 2011
Phytoremediation of textile effluent and mixture of structurally different dyes by Glandularia pulchella (Sweet) Tronc.
AN Kabra, RV Khandare, TR Waghmode, SP Govindwar
Chemosphere 87 (3), 265-272, 2012
Phytoremediation of a sulphonated azo dye Green HE4B by Glandularia pulchella (Sweet) Tronc. (Moss Verbena)
AN Kabra, RV Khandare, MB Kurade, SP Govindwar
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 18, 1360-1373, 2011
Decolorization and degradation of xenobiotic azo dye Reactive Yellow-84A and textile effluent by Galactomyces geotrichum
SP Govindwar, MB Kurade, DP Tamboli, AN Kabra, PJ Kim, ...
Chemosphere 109, 234-238, 2014
Synergistic degradation of diazo dye Direct Red 5B by Portulaca grandiflora and Pseudomonas putida
RV Khandare, AN Kabra, AV Awate, SP Govindwar
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 10, 1039-1050, 2013
Enhancement of microalgal growth and biocomponent-based transformations for improved biofuel recovery: a review
ES Salama, JH Hwang, MM El-Dalatony, MB Kurade, AN Kabra, ...
Bioresource technology 258, 365-375, 2018
Effect of mine wastewater on nutrient removal and lipid production by a green microalga Micratinium reisseri from concentrated municipal wastewater
MK Ji, AN Kabra, ES Salama, HS Roh, JR Kim, DS Lee, BH Jeon
Bioresource technology 157, 84-90, 2014
Degradation of Remazol Red dye by Galactomyces geotrichum MTCC 1360 leading to increased iron uptake in Sorghum vulgare and Phaseolus mungo from soil
TR Waghmode, MB Kurade, AN Kabra, SP Govindwar
Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 17, 117-126, 2012
Photoheterotrophic microalgal hydrogen production using acetate-and butyrate-rich wastewater effluent
JH Hwang, AN Kabra, JR Kim, BH Jeon
Energy 78, 887-894, 2014
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