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Alfonso Trezza
Alfonso Trezza
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ACE2 gene variants may underlie interindividual variability and susceptibility to COVID-19 in the Italian population
E Benetti, R Tita, O Spiga, A Ciolfi, G Birolo, A Bruselles, G Doddato, ...
European Journal of Human Genetics 28 (11), 1602-1614, 2020
An integrated drug repurposing strategy for the rapid identification of potential SARS-CoV-2 viral inhibitors
A Trezza, D Iovinelli, A Santucci, F Prischi, O Spiga
Scientific reports 10 (1), 13866, 2020
The beneficial health effects of flavonoids on the cardiovascular system: Focus on K+ channels
F Fusi, A Trezza, M Tramaglino, G Sgaragli, S Saponara, O Spiga
Pharmacological Research 152, 104625, 2020
Dissecting the CD93-Multimerin 2 interaction involved in cell adhesion and migration of the activated endothelium
F Galvagni, F Nardi, O Spiga, A Trezza, G Tarticchio, R Pellicani, ...
Matrix Biology 64, 112-127, 2017
The surge of flavonoids as novel, fine regulators of cardiovascular Cav channels
F Fusi, O Spiga, A Trezza, G Sgaragli, S Saponara
European journal of pharmacology 796, 158-174, 2017
Modulation of the spacer in N, N-bis (alkanol) amine aryl ester heterodimers led to the discovery of a series of highly potent P-glycoprotein-based multidrug resistance (MDR …
S Dei, L Braconi, A Trezza, M Menicatti, M Contino, M Coronnello, ...
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 172, 71-94, 2019
A possible strategy to fight COVID-19: Interfering with spike glycoprotein trimerization
P Bongini, A Trezza, M Bianchini, O Spiga, N Niccolai
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 528 (1), 35-38, 2020
A computational approach from gene to structure analysis of the human ABCA4 transporter involved in genetic retinal diseases
A Trezza, A Bernini, A Langella, DB Ascher, DEV Pires, A Sodi, I Passerini, ...
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 58 (12), 5320-5328, 2017
Machine learning application for development of a data-driven predictive model able to investigate quality of life scores in a rare disease
O Spiga, V Cicaloni, C Fiorini, A Trezza, A Visibelli, L Millucci, ...
Orphanet journal of rare diseases 15 (1), 1-10, 2020
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of stereo-and regioisomers of amino aryl esters as multidrug resistance (MDR) reversers
E Teodori, M Contino, C Riganti, G Bartolucci, L Braconi, D Manetti, ...
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 182, 111655, 2019
GEN-COVID Multicenter Study
E Benetti, R Tita, O Spiga, A Ciolfi, G Birolo, A Bruselles, G Doddato, ...
ACE2 gene variants may underlie interindividual variability and …, 2020
Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of ester-based quercetin derivatives as selective vascular KCa1. 1 channel stimulators
G Carullo, A Ahmed, A Trezza, O Spiga, A Brizzi, S Saponara, F Fusi, ...
Bioorganic Chemistry 105, 104404, 2020
A new integrated and interactive tool applicable to inborn errors of metabolism: Application to alkaptonuria
O Spiga, V Cicaloni, A Zatkova, L Millucci, G Bernardini, A Bernini, ...
Computers in biology and medicine 103, 1-7, 2018
Cav1. 2 channel current block by the PKA inhibitor H-89 in rat tail artery myocytes via a PKA-independent mechanism: Electrophysiological, functional, and molecular docking studies
F Fusi, A Trezza, O Spiga, G Sgaragli, S Bova
Biochemical Pharmacology 140, 53-63, 2017
In vitro and in silico analysis of the vascular effects of asymmetrical N,N-bis(alkanol)amine aryl esters, novel multidrug resistance-reverting agents
F Fusi, M Durante, O Spiga, A Trezza, M Frosini, E Floriddia, E Teodori, ...
Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology 389, 1033-1043, 2016
An integrated drug repurposing strategy for the rapid identification of potential SARS-CoV-2 viral inhibitors. Sci Rep 10: 13866
A Trezza, D Iovinelli, A Santucci, F Prischi, O Spiga
Vasorelaxing Activity of R-(−)-3′-Hydroxy-2, 4, 5-trimethoxydalbergiquinol from Dalbergia tonkinensis: Involvement of Smooth Muscle CaV1. 2 Channels
NM Cuong, NT Nhan, PN Khanh, TT Huong, NTT Tram, G Sgaragli, ...
Planta Medica 86 (04), 284-293, 2020
Applications of in silico methods for design and development of drugs targeting protein-protein interactions
V Cicaloni, A Trezza, F Pettini, O Spiga
Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 19 (7), 534-554, 2019
From in silico to in vitro: a trip to reveal flavonoid binding on the Rattus norvegicus Kir6. 1 ATP-sensitive inward rectifier potassium channel
A Trezza, V Cicaloni, P Porciatti, A Langella, F Fusi, S Saponara, O Spiga
PeerJ 6, e4680, 2018
Pharmacological and In Silico Analysis of Oat Avenanthramides as EGFR Inhibitors: Effects on EGF-Induced Lung Cancer Cell Growth and Migration
L Trabalzini, J Ercoli, A Trezza, I Schiavo, G Macŕ, A Moglia, O Spiga, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (15), 8534, 2022
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