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Vahid Nourani
Vahid Nourani
Professor of Civil and Env. Eng., Univ. of Tabriz , Near East Univ., Charles Darwin Univ.
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Applications of hybrid wavelet–artificial intelligence models in hydrology: a review
V Nourani, AH Baghanam, J Adamowski, O Kisi
Journal of Hydrology 514, 358-377, 2014
A multivariate ANN-wavelet approach for rainfall–runoff modeling
V Nourani, M Komasi, A Mano
Water resources management 23, 2877-2894, 2009
A combined neural-wavelet model for prediction of Ligvanchai watershed precipitation
V Nourani, MT Alami, MH Aminfar
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 22 (3), 466-472, 2009
Two hybrid artificial intelligence approaches for modeling rainfall–runoff process
V Nourani, Ö Kisi, M Komasi
Journal of Hydrology 402 (1-2), 41-59, 2011
A review of the artificial intelligence methods in groundwater level modeling
T Rajaee, H Ebrahimi, V Nourani
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Daily suspended sediment concentration simulation using ANN and neuro-fuzzy models
T Rajaee, SA Mirbagheri, M Zounemat-Kermani, V Nourani
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An ANN‐based model for spatiotemporal groundwater level forecasting
V Nourani, AA Mogaddam, AO Nadiri
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Wastewater treatment plant performance analysis using artificial intelligence–an ensemble approach
V Nourani, G Elkiran, SI Abba
Water Science and Technology 78 (10), 2064-2076, 2018
Sensitivity analysis of the artificial neural network outputs in simulation of the evaporation process at different climatologic regimes
V Nourani, MS Fard
Advances in Engineering Software 47 (1), 127-146, 2012
Using self-organizing maps and wavelet transforms for space–time pre-processing of satellite precipitation and runoff data in neural network based rainfall–runoff modeling
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Multi-step ahead modelling of river water quality parameters using ensemble artificial intelligence-based approach
G Elkiran, V Nourani, SI Abba
Journal of Hydrology 577, 123962, 2019
An emotional ANN (EANN) approach to modeling rainfall-runoff process
V Nourani
Journal of Hydrology 544, 267-277, 2017
Landslide susceptibility mapping at Zonouz Plain, Iran using genetic programming and comparison with frequency ratio, logistic regression, and artificial neural network models
V Nourani, B Pradhan, H Ghaffari, SS Sharifi
Natural hazards 71, 523-547, 2014
River suspended sediment load prediction: application of ANN and wavelet conjunction model
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Genetic programming in water resources engineering: A state-of-the-art review
AD Mehr, V Nourani, E Kahya, B Hrnjica, AMA Sattar, ZM Yaseen
Journal of hydrology 566, 643-667, 2018
A hybrid support vector regression–firefly model for monthly rainfall forecasting
A Danandeh Mehr, V Nourani, V Karimi Khosrowshahi, MA Ghorbani
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 16, 335-346, 2019
A geomorphology-based ANFIS model for multi-station modeling of rainfall–runoff process
V Nourani, M Komasi
Journal of Hydrology 490, 41-55, 2013
Hybrid wavelet–genetic programming approach to optimize ANN modeling of rainfall–runoff process
V Nourani, M Komasi, MT Alami
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 17 (6), 724-741, 2012
Multi-station artificial intelligence based ensemble modeling of reference evapotranspiration using pan evaporation measurements
V Nourani, G Elkiran, J Abdullahi
Journal of Hydrology 577, 123958, 2019
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