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Saeid Mehdizadeh
Saeid Mehdizadeh
Urmia University
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Using MARS, SVM, GEP and empirical equations for estimation of monthly mean reference evapotranspiration
S Mehdizadeh, J Behmanesh, K Khalili
Computers and electronics in agriculture 139, 103-114, 2017
Modeling daily reference evapotranspiration via a novel approach based on support vector regression coupled with whale optimization algorithm
B Mohammadi, S Mehdizadeh
Agricultural Water Management 237, 106145, 2020
Hybrid models to improve the monthly river flow prediction: Integrating artificial intelligence and non-linear time series models
F Fathian, S Mehdizadeh, AK Sales, MJS Safari
Journal of Hydrology 575, 1200-1213, 2019
Estimation of daily reference evapotranspiration (ETo) using artificial intelligence methods: Offering a new approach for lagged ETo data-based modeling
S Mehdizadeh
Journal of hydrology 559, 794-812, 2018
Comparison of artificial intelligence methods and empirical equations to estimate daily solar radiation
S Mehdizadeh, J Behmanesh, K Khalili
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 146, 215-227, 2016
Developing novel robust models to improve the accuracy of daily streamflow modeling
B Mohammadi, F Ahmadi, S Mehdizadeh, Y Guan, QB Pham, NTT Linh, ...
Water Resources Management 34, 3387-3409, 2020
Hybrid artificial intelligence-time series models for monthly streamflow modeling
S Mehdizadeh, F Fathian, JF Adamowski
Applied Soft Computing 80, 873-887, 2019
Application of an artificial intelligence technique enhanced with intelligent water drops for monthly reference evapotranspiration estimation
F Ahmadi, S Mehdizadeh, B Mohammadi, QB Pham, TNC Doan, ND Vo
Agricultural Water Management 244, 106622, 2021
Drought modeling using classic time series and hybrid wavelet-gene expression programming models
S Mehdizadeh, F Ahmadi, AD Mehr, MJS Safari
Journal of Hydrology 587, 125017, 2020
Application of gene expression programming to predict daily dew point temperature
S Mehdizadeh, J Behmanesh, K Khalili
Applied Thermal Engineering 112, 1097-1107, 2017
Comparative assessment of time series and artificial intelligence models to estimate monthly streamflow: a local and external data analysis approach
S Mehdizadeh, F Fathian, MJS Safari, JF Adamowski
Journal of Hydrology 579, 124225, 2019
Evaluating the performance of artificial intelligence methods for estimation of monthly mean soil temperature without using meteorological data
S Mehdizadeh, J Behmanesh, K Khalili
Environmental Earth Sciences 76, 1-16, 2017
A novel hybrid dragonfly optimization algorithm for agricultural drought prediction
P Aghelpour, B Mohammadi, S Mehdizadeh, H Bahrami-Pichaghchi, ...
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 35 (12), 2459-2477, 2021
Using AR, MA, and ARMA time series models to improve the performance of MARS and KNN approaches in monthly precipitation modeling under limited climatic data
S Mehdizadeh
Water Resources Management 34, 263-282, 2020
New approaches for estimation of monthly rainfall based on GEP-ARCH and ANN-ARCH hybrid models
S Mehdizadeh, J Behmanesh, K Khalili
Water resources management 32, 527-545, 2018
Developing novel hybrid models for estimation of daily soil temperature at various depths
S Mehdizadeh, F Fathian, MJS Safari, A Khosravi
Soil and Tillage Research 197, 104513, 2020
Development of bio-inspired-and wavelet-based hybrid models for reconnaissance drought index modeling
F Ahmadi, S Mehdizadeh, B Mohammadi
Water Resources Management 35 (12), 4127-4147, 2021
Estimation of soil temperature using gene expression programming and artificial neural networks in a semiarid region
J Behmanesh, S Mehdizadeh
Environmental Earth Sciences 76, 1-15, 2017
A comparative study of autoregressive, autoregressive moving average, gene expression programming and Bayesian networks for estimating monthly streamflow
S Mehdizadeh, A Kozekalani Sales
Water resources management 32, 3001-3022, 2018
A comparison of monthly precipitation point estimates at 6 locations in Iran using integration of soft computing methods and GARCH time series model
S Mehdizadeh, J Behmanesh, K Khalili
Journal of hydrology 554, 721-742, 2017
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