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Hajar Feizi
Hajar Feizi
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Trích dẫn bởi
Comparative analysis of recurrent neural network architectures for reservoir inflow forecasting
H Apaydin, H Feizi, MT Sattari, MS Colak, S Shamshirband, KW Chau
Water 12 (5), 1500, 2020
An efficient strategy for predicting river dissolved oxygen concentration: Application of deep recurrent neural network model
SV Moghadam, A Sharafati, H Feizi, SMS Marjaie, SBHS Asadollah, ...
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 193, 1-18, 2021
Estimation of sodium adsorption ratio in a river with kernel-based and decision-tree models
MT Sattari, H Feizi, MS Colak, A Ozturk, H Apaydin, F Ozturk
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 192 (9), 575, 2020
Estimation of monthly and seasonal precipitation: A comparative study using data-driven methods versus hybrid approach
MT Sattari, H Feizi, S Samadianfard, K Falsafian, E Salwana
Measurement 173, 108512, 2021
Improving reservoir inflow prediction via rolling window and deep learning-based multi-model approach: case study from Ermenek Dam, Turkey
H Feizi, H Apaydin, MT Sattari, MS Colak, M Sibtain
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 36 (10), 3149-3169, 2022
Surface water quality classification using data mining approaches: Irrigation along the Aladag River
MT Sattari, H Feizi, MS Colak, A Ozturk, F Ozturk, H Apaydin
Irrigation and Drainage 70 (5), 1227-1246, 2021
Comparative analysis of deep and machine learning approaches for daily carbon monoxide pollutant concentration estimation
H Feizi, MT Sattari, R Prasad, H Apaydin
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 20 (2), 1753-1768, 2023
An image-based deep learning model for water turbidity estimation in laboratory conditions
H Feizi, MT Sattari, M Mosaferi, H Apaydin
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 20 (1), 149-160, 2023
A comparative study of different optimization algorithms for the optimum operation of the Mahabad dam reservoir
H Feizi, MT Sattari, H Apaydin
Results in Engineering 21, 101664, 2024
Daily Streamflow Modelling in the Nalli River Using Recurrent Neural Networks
H Apaydin, H Feizi, F Akcakoca, MT Sattari
International Conference “New Technologies, Development and Applications …, 2022
Application of Teaching-Learning based optimization algorithms in the operation of Eleviyan reservoir considering environmental demand
H Feizi, R Dashti, MT Sattari, V Nourani
Water and Soil Science 33 (3), 199-216, 2023
Classification of Water Turbidity and Depth of Secchi Disk using Convolutional Neural Network
H Feizi, MT Sattari, M Mosaferi
Environment and Water Engineering 9 (2), 211-224, 2023
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