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Nawin Raj
Nawin Raj
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Trích dẫn bởi
Deep solar radiation forecasting with convolutional neural network and long short-term memory network algorithms
S Ghimire, RC Deo, N Raj, J Mi
Applied Energy 253, 113541, 2019
Global solar radiation prediction by ANN integrated with European Centre for medium range weather forecast fields in solar rich cities of Queensland Australia
S Ghimire, RC Deo, NJ Downs, N Raj
Journal of cleaner production 216, 288-310, 2019
Deep learning hybrid model with Boruta-Random forest optimiser algorithm for streamflow forecasting with climate mode indices, rainfall, and periodicity
AAM Ahmed, RC Deo, Q Feng, A Ghahramani, N Raj, Z Yin, L Yang
Journal of Hydrology 599, 126350, 2021
Designing deep-based learning flood forecast model with ConvLSTM hybrid algorithm
M Moishin, RC Deo, R Prasad, N Raj, S Abdulla
IEEE Access 9, 50982-50993, 2021
Input selection and data-driven model performance optimization to predict the Standardized Precipitation and Evaporation Index in a drought-prone region
S Mouatadid, N Raj, RC Deo, JF Adamowski
Atmospheric research 212, 130-149, 2018
Self-adaptive differential evolutionary extreme learning machines for long-term solar radiation prediction with remotely-sensed MODIS satellite and Reanalysis atmospheric …
S Ghimire, RC Deo, NJ Downs, N Raj
Remote Sensing of Environment 212, 176-198, 2018
Wavelet-based 3-phase hybrid SVR model trained with satellite-derived predictors, particle swarm optimization and maximum overlap discrete wavelet transform for solar radiation …
S Ghimire, RC Deo, N Raj, J Mi
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 113, 109247, 2019
Deep learning neural networks trained with MODIS satellite-derived predictors for long-term global solar radiation prediction
S Ghimire, RC Deo, N Raj, J Mi
Energies 12 (12), 2407, 2019
LSTM integrated with Boruta-random forest optimiser for soil moisture estimation under RCP4. 5 and RCP8. 5 global warming scenarios
AAM Ahmed, RC Deo, A Ghahramani, N Raj, Q Feng, Z Yin, L Yang
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 35 (9), 1851-1881, 2021
Deep learning forecasts of soil moisture: convolutional neural network and gated recurrent unit models coupled with satellite-derived MODIS, observations and synoptic-scale …
AAM Ahmed, RC Deo, N Raj, A Ghahramani, Q Feng, Z Yin, L Yang
Remote Sensing 13 (4), 554, 2021
Hybrid deep learning method for a week-ahead evapotranspiration forecasting
AAM Ahmed, RC Deo, Q Feng, A Ghahramani, N Raj, Z Yin, L Yang
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 1-19, 2021
Deep air quality forecasts: suspended particulate matter modeling with convolutional neural and long short-term memory networks
E Sharma, RC Deo, R Prasad, AV Parisi, N Raj
Ieee Access 8, 209503-209516, 2020
Near real-time wind speed forecast model with bidirectional LSTM networks
LP Joseph, RC Deo, R Prasad, S Salcedo-Sanz, N Raj, J Soar
Renewable Energy 204, 39-58, 2023
Novel short-term solar radiation hybrid model: Long short-term memory network integrated with robust local mean decomposition
ANL Huynh, RC Deo, M Ali, S Abdulla, N Raj
Applied Energy 298, 117193, 2021
An EEMD-BiLSTM algorithm integrated with Boruta random forest optimiser for significant wave height forecasting along coastal areas of Queensland, Australia
N Raj, J Brown
Remote Sensing 13 (8), 1456, 2021
New double decomposition deep learning methods for river water level forecasting
AAM Ahmed, RC Deo, A Ghahramani, Q Feng, N Raj, Z Yin, L Yang
Science of The Total Environment 831, 154722, 2022
Near real-time global solar radiation forecasting at multiple time-step horizons using the long short-term memory network
ANL Huynh, RC Deo, DA An-Vo, M Ali, N Raj, S Abdulla
Energies 13 (14), 3517, 2020
Novel hybrid deep learning model for satellite based PM10 forecasting in the most polluted Australian hotspots
E Sharma, RC Deo, J Soar, R Prasad, AV Parisi, N Raj
Atmospheric Environment 279, 119111, 2022
Spatiotemporal hybrid random forest model for tea yield prediction using satellite-derived variables
SJJ Jui, AAM Ahmed, A Bose, N Raj, E Sharma, J Soar, MWI Chowdhury
Remote Sensing 14 (3), 805, 2022
Deep multi-stage reference evapotranspiration forecasting model: Multivariate empirical mode decomposition integrated with the boruta-random forest algorithm
WJMLP Jayasinghe, RC Deo, A Ghahramani, S Ghimire, N Raj
IEEE Access 9, 166695-166708, 2021
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