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Yazan Haddad
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Magnetic nanoparticles: from design and synthesis to real world applications
J Kudr, Y Haddad, L Richtera, Z Heger, M Cernak, V Adam, O Zitka
Nanomaterials 7 (9), 243, 2017
Ten quick tips for homology modeling of high-resolution protein 3D structures
Y Haddad, V Adam, Z Heger
PLoS computational biology 16 (4), e1007449, 2020
Homology modeling in the time of collective and artificial intelligence
T Hameduh, Y Haddad, V Adam, Z Heger
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 18, 3494-3506, 2020
Clinical comparison of conventional testicular sperm extraction and microdissection techniques for non-obstructive azoospermia
IF Ghalayini, MA Al-Ghazo, OB Hani, R Al-Azab, I Bani-Hani, F Zayed, ...
Journal of clinical medicine research 3 (3), 124, 2011
DNA Hypermethylation of Cell Cycle (p15 and p16) and Apoptotic (p14, p53, DAPK and TMS1) Genes in Peripheral Blood of Leukemia Patients
K Bodoor, Y Haddad, A Alkhateeb, A Al-Abbadi, M Dowairi, A Magableh, ...
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 15 (1), 75-84, 2014
Urodynamic detrusor overactivity in patients with overactive bladder symptoms
MA Al-Ghazo, IF Ghalayini, R Al-Azab, OB Hani, YS Matani, Y Haddad
International neurourology journal 15 (1), 48, 2011
Erectile dysfunction in a Mediterranean country: results of an epidemiological survey of a representative sample of men
IF Ghalayini, MA Al-Ghazo, R Al-Azab, I Bani-Hani, YS Matani, ...
International journal of impotence research 22 (3), 196-203, 2010
Analysis of Zn, Cd, As, Cu, Pb, and Fe in snails as bioindicators and soil samples near traffic road by ICP-OES
AM Massadeh, AA Alomary, S Mir, FA Momani, HI Haddad, YA Hadad
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23, 13424-13431, 2016
Emergency ureteroscopic lithotripsy in acute renal colic caused by ureteral calculi: a retrospective study
MA Al-Ghazo, IF Ghalayini, RS Al-Azab, O Bani Hani, I Bani-Hani, ...
Urological research 39, 497-501, 2011
Metallothionein isoforms as double agents–their roles in carcinogenesis, cancer progression and chemoresistance
MAM Rodrigo, AMJ Jimemez, Y Haddad, K Bodoor, P Adam, S Krizkova, ...
Drug Resistance Updates 52, 100691, 2020
Evaluation of BCL-6, CD10, CD138 and MUM-1 expression in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients: CD138 is a marker of poor prognosis
K Bodoor, I Matalka, R Hayajneh, Y Haddad, W Gharaibeh
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 13 (7), 3037-3046, 2012
FGFR3 mutational status and protein expression in patients with bladder cancer in a Jordanian population
K Bodoor, A Ghabkari, Z Jaradat, A AlKhateeb, S Jaradat, MA Al-Ghazo, ...
Cancer epidemiology 34 (6), 724-732, 2010
Zinc phosphate-based nanoparticles as alternatives to zinc oxide in diet of weaned piglets
S Kociova, K Dolezelikova, P Horky, S Skalickova, D Baholet, ...
Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 11, 1-16, 2020
Titanium dioxide nanoparticles: Recent progress in antimicrobial applications
AB Younis, Y Haddad, L Kosaristanova, K Smerkova
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 15 (3 …, 2023
Peptide-carbon quantum dots conjugate, derived from human retinoic acid receptor responder protein 2, against antibiotic-resistant gram positive and gram negative pathogenic …
A Mazumdar, Y Haddad, V Milosavljevic, H Michalkova, R Guran, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (2), 325, 2020
Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen-Targeted Site-Directed Antibody-Conjugated Apoferritin Nanovehicle Favorably Influences In Vivo Side Effects of Doxorubicin
S Dostalova, H Polanska, M Svobodova, J Balvan, O Krystofova, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 8867, 2018
Encapsulation of doxorubicin in furcellaran/chitosan nanocapsules by layer-by-layer technique for selectively controlled drug delivery
V Milosavljevic, E Jamroz, M Gagic, Y Haddad, H Michalkova, R Balkova, ...
Biomacromolecules 21 (2), 418-434, 2019
Novel vancomycin-peptide conjugate as potent antibacterial agent against vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
P Jelinkova, Z Splichal, AMJ Jimenez, Y Haddad, A Mazumdar, VP Sur, ...
Infection and drug resistance, 1807-1817, 2018
The isolation of DNA by polycharged magnetic particles: an analysis of the interaction by zeta potential and particle size
Y Haddad, K Xhaxhiu, P Kopel, D Hynek, O Zitka, V Adam
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17 (4), 550, 2016
Advanced nanotechnologies in avian influenza: current status and future trends–a review
A Moulick, L Richtera, V Milosavljevic, N Cernei, Y Haddad, O Zitka, ...
Analytica chimica acta 983, 42-53, 2017
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