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Nand Lal Kushwaha
Nand Lal Kushwaha
Tên khácN. L. Kushwaha
Scientist, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India
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Trích dẫn bởi
Deep learning based computer vision approaches for smart agricultural applications
VG Dhanya, A Subeesh, NL Kushwaha, DK Vishwakarma, TN Kumar, ...
Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture 6, 211-229, 2022
Methods to estimate evapotranspiration in humid and subtropical climate conditions
DK Vishwakarma, K Pandey, A Kaur, NL Kushwaha, R Kumar, R Ali, ...
Agricultural Water Management 261, 107378, 2022
Data intelligence model and meta-heuristic algorithms-based pan evaporation modelling in two different agro-climatic zones: a case study from Northern India
NL Kushwaha, J Rajput, A Elbeltagi, AY Elnaggar, DR Sena, ...
Atmosphere 12 (12), 1654, 2021
Drought indicator analysis and forecasting using data driven models: case study in Jaisalmer, India
A Elbeltagi, M Kumar, NL Kushwaha, CB Pande, P Ditthakit, ...
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 37 (1), 113-131, 2023
Modelling daily reference evapotranspiration based on stacking hybridization of ANN with meta-heuristic algorithms under diverse agro-climatic conditions
A Elbeltagi, NL Kushwaha, J Rajput, DK Vishwakarma, LC Kulimushi, ...
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 36 (10), 3311-3334, 2022
Spatial and temporal variability analysis of green and blue evapotranspiration of wheat in the Egyptian Nile Delta from 1997 to 2017
A Elbeltagi, MR Aslam, A Mokhtar, P Deb, GA Abubakar, NL Kushwaha, ...
Journal of Hydrology 594, 125662, 2021
Data intelligence and hybrid metaheuristic algorithms-based estimation of reference evapotranspiration
A Elbeltagi, A Raza, Y Hu, N Al-Ansari, NL Kushwaha, A Srivastava, ...
Applied Water Science 12 (7), 152, 2022
Forecasting of SPI and meteorological drought based on the artificial neural network and M5P model tree
CB Pande, N Al-Ansari, NL Kushwaha, A Srivastava, R Noor, M Kumar, ...
Land 11 (11), 2040, 2022
Pre-and post-dam river water temperature alteration prediction using advanced machine learning models
DK Vishwakarma, R Ali, SA Bhat, A Elbeltagi, NL Kushwaha, R Kumar, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (55), 83321-83346, 2022
Assessment of climate change impact on snowmelt runoff in Himalayan region
R Kumar, S Manzoor, DK Vishwakarma, N Al-Ansari, NL Kushwaha, ...
Sustainability 14 (3), 1150, 2022
Comparative study on morphometric analysis and RUSLE-based approaches for micro-watershed prioritization using remote sensing and GIS
NL Kushwaha, A Elbeltagi, S Mehan, A Malik, A Yousuf
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 15 (7), 564, 2022
Hydrologic response of Takarla-Ballowal watershed in Shivalik foot-hills based on morphometric analysis using remote sensing and GIS
NL Kushwaha, A Bhardwaj, VK Verma
J Indian Water Resour Soc 36 (1), 17-25, 2016
River flow rate prediction in the Des Moines watershed (Iowa, USA): A machine learning approach
A Elbeltagi, F Di Nunno, NL Kushwaha, G De Marinis, F Granata
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 36 (11), 3835-3855, 2022
Evaluation of data-driven hybrid machine learning algorithms for modelling daily reference evapotranspiration
NL Kushwaha, J Rajput, DR Sena, A Elbeltagi, DK Singh, I Mani
Atmosphere-Ocean 60 (5), 519-540, 2022
Cost-effective management measures for coastal aquifers affected by saltwater intrusion and climate change
I Abd-Elaty, NL Kushwaha, ME Grismer, A Elbeltagi, A Kuriqi
Science of The Total Environment 836, 155656, 2022
Comparative assessment of improved SVM method under different kernel functions for predicting multi-scale drought index
CB Pande, NL Kushwaha, IR Orimoloye, R Kumar, HG Abdo, AD Tolche, ...
Water Resources Management 37 (3), 1367-1399, 2023
Review of artificial intelligence and internet of things technologies in land and water management research during 1991–2021: A bibliometric analysis
A Patel, A Kethavath, NL Kushwaha, A Naorem, M Jagadale, KR Sheetal, ...
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 123, 106335, 2023
Soil erosion susceptibility mapping using ensemble machine learning models: A case study of upper Congo river sub-basin
LC Kulimushi, JB Bashagaluke, P Prasad, AB Heri-Kazi, NL Kushwaha, ...
Catena 222, 106858, 2023
Products and byproducts of wheat milling process
V Kanojia, NL Kushwaha, M Reshi, A Rouf, H Muzaffar
Int J Chem Stud 6, 990-993, 2018
Soil erosion risk mapping of watersheds using RUSLE, remote sensing and GIS: A review
NL Kushwaha, A Yousuf
Res J Agric Sci 8 (2), 269-277, 2017
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