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Nana Ogawa 
Nana Ogawa 
Tên khácNanako O. Ogawa, Nanako Ogawa
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Trích dẫn bởi
Determination of aquatic food‐web structure based on compound‐specific nitrogen isotopic composition of amino acids
Y Chikaraishi, NO Ogawa, Y Kashiyama, Y Takano, H Suga, A Tomitani, ...
Limnology and Oceanography: methods 7 (11), 740-750, 2009
Metabolic control of nitrogen isotope composition of amino acids in macroalgae and gastropods: implications for aquatic food web studies
Y Chikaraishi, Y Kashiyama, NO Ogawa, H Kitazato, N Ohkouchi
Marine Ecology Progress Series 342, 85-90, 2007
Advances in the application of amino acid nitrogen isotopic analysis in ecological and biogeochemical studies
N Ohkouchi, Y Chikaraishi, HG Close, B Fry, T Larsen, DJ Madigan, ...
Organic Geochemistry 113, 150-174, 2017
Contemporaneous massive subaerial volcanism and late cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
J Kuroda, NO Ogawa, M Tanimizu, MF Coffin, H Tokuyama, H Kitazato, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 256 (1-2), 211-223, 2007
Extraterrestrial ribose and other sugars in primitive meteorites
Y Furukawa, Y Chikaraishi, N Ohkouchi, NO Ogawa, DP Glavin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (49), 24440-24445, 2019
High‐resolution food webs based on nitrogen isotopic composition of amino acids
Y Chikaraishi, SA Steffan, NO Ogawa, NF Ishikawa, Y Sasaki, M Tsuchiya, ...
Ecology and evolution 4 (12), 2423-2449, 2014
Geographical origin of polished rice based on multiple element and stable isotope analyses
Y Suzuki, Y Chikaraishi, NO Ogawa, N Ohkouchi, T Korenaga
Food Chemistry 109 (2), 470-475, 2008
Further evaluation of the trophic level estimation based on nitrogen isotopic composition of amino acids
Y Chikaraishi, NO Ogawa, N Ohkouchi
Earth, life, and isotopes 415, 37-51, 2010
Characterization and production and consumption processes of N2O emitted from temperate agricultural soils determined via isotopomer ratio analysis
S Toyoda, M Yano, S Nishimura, H Akiyama, A Hayakawa, K Koba, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 25 (2), 2011
New organic reference materials for carbon-and nitrogen-stable isotope ratio measurements provided by Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University, and Institute of …
I Tayasu, R Hirasawa, NO Ogawa, N Ohkouchi, K Yamada
Limnology 12, 261-266, 2011
15N/14N ratios of amino acids as a tool for studying terrestrial food webs: a case study of terrestrial insects (bees, wasps, and hornets)
Y Chikaraishi, NO Ogawa, H Doi, N Ohkouchi
Ecological research 26 (4), 835-844, 2011
Different ingestion patterns of 13C-labeled bacteria and algae by deep-sea benthic foraminifera
H Nomaki, P Heinz, T Nakatsuka, M Shimanaga, N Ohkouchi, NO Ogawa, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 310, 95-108, 2006
A low trophic position of Japanese eel larvae indicates feeding on marine snow
MJ Miller, Y Chikaraishi, NO Ogawa, Y Yamada, K Tsukamoto, ...
Biology letters 9 (1), 20120826, 2013
Sedimentary membrane lipids recycled by deep-sea benthic archaea
Y Takano, Y Chikaraishi, NO Ogawa, H Nomaki, Y Morono, F Inagaki, ...
Nature Geoscience 3 (12), 858-861, 2010
Ultra-sensitive elemental analyzer/isotope ratio mass spectrometer for stable nitrogen and carbon isotope analyses
NO Ogawa, T Nagata, H Kitazato, N Ohkouchi
Earth, life, and isotopes 339353, 2010
Soluble organic molecules in samples of the carbonaceous asteroid (162173) Ryugu
H Naraoka, Y Takano, JP Dworkin, Y Oba, K Hamase, A Furusho, ...
Science 379 (6634), eabn9033, 2023
Isolation and desalting with cation‐exchange chromatography for compound‐specific nitrogen isotope analysis of amino acids: Application to biogeochemical samples
Y Takano, Y Kashiyama, NO Ogawa, Y Chikaraishi, N Ohkouchi
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 24 (16), 2317-2323, 2010
Fluctuations of nitrogen isotope ratio of gobiid fish (Isaza) specimens and sediments in Lake Biwa, Japan, during the 20th century
NO Ogawa, T Koitabashi, H Oda, T Nakamura, N Ohkouchi, E Wada
Limnology and Oceanography 46 (5), 1228-1236, 2001
Biochemical and physiological bases for the use of carbon and nitrogen isotopes in environmental and ecological studies
N Ohkouchi, NO Ogawa, Y Chikaraishi, H Tanaka, E Wada
Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2, 1-17, 2015
The importance of diazotrophic cyanobacteria as primary producers during Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
N Ohkouchi, Y Kashiyama, J Kuroda, NO Ogawa, H Kitazato
Biogeosciences 3 (4), 467-478, 2006
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