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Dr Shouvik Saha, Ph.D.
Dr Shouvik Saha, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Brainware University, Kolkata, India
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Trích dẫn bởi
Acetoclastic methanogenesis led by Methanosarcina in anaerobic co-digestion of fats, oil and grease for enhanced production of methane
MB Kurade, S Saha, ES Salama, SM Patil, SP Govindwar, BH Jeon
Bioresource Technology 272, 351-359, 2019
Recent trends in anaerobic co-digestion of lipidic-waste: Fat, oil, and grease (FOG) for enhanced biomethanation
ES Salama, S Saha, MB Kurade, S Dev, SW Chang, Jeon, Byong-Hun
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 70, 22-42, 2019
Microbial Symbiosis: A Network towards Biomethanation
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Perspective on anaerobic digestion for biomethanation in cold environments
S Dev, S Saha, MB Kurade, ES Salama, MM El-Dalatony, GS Ha, ...
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Microbial community acclimatization for enhancement in the methane productivity of anaerobic co-digestion of fats, oil, and grease
MB Kurade, S Saha, JR Kim, HS Roh, BH Jeon
Bioresource Technology 296, 122294, 2020
Optimization of dilute acetic acid pretreatment of mixed fruit waste for increased methane production
S Saha, BH Jeon, MB Kurade, SB Jadhav, PK Chatterjee, SW Chang, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 190, 411-421, 2018
Remediation of cyanide-contaminated environments through microbes and plants: a review of current knowledge and future perspectives
R Kumar, S Saha, S Dhaka, MB Kurade, CU Kang, SH Baek, BH Jeon
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Biological conversion of amino acids to higher alcohols
MM El-Dalatony, S Saha, SP Govindwar, RAI Abou-Shanab, BH Jeon
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Interspecies microbial nexus facilitated methanation of polysaccharidic wastes
S Saha, BH Jeon, MB Kurade, SP Govindwar, PK Chatterjee, SE Oh, ...
Bioresource Technology 289, 121638, 2019
Microbial acclimatization to lipidic-waste facilitates the efficacy of acidogenic fermentation
S Saha, BH Jeon, MB Kurade, PK Chatterjee, SW Chang, K Markkandan, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 358, 188–196, 2019
Rapid recovery of methane yield in organic overloaded-failed anaerobic digesters through bioaugmentation with acclimatized microbial consortium
B Basak, SM Patil, S Saha, MB Kurade, GS Ha, SP Govindwar, SS Lee, ...
Science of The Total Environment 764, 144219, 2021
Improving bioavailability of fruit wastes using organic acid: An exploratory study of biomass pretreatment for fermentation
S Saha, MB Kurade, MM El-Dalatony, PK Chatterjee, DS Lee, BH Jeon
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Pretreatment of polysaccharidic wastes with cellulolytic Aspergillus fumigatus for enhanced production of biohythane in a dual-stage process
B Basak, S Saha, PK Chatterjee, A Ganguly, SW Chang, BH Jeon
Bioresource Technology 299, 122592, 2020
Syntrophic metabolism facilitates Methanosarcina-led methanation in the anaerobic digestion of lipidic slaughterhouse waste
S Saha, MB Kurade, GS Ha, SS Lee, HS Roh, YK Park, BH Jeon
Bioresource technology 335, 125250, 2021
Anaerobic co-digester microbiome during food waste valorization reveals Methanosaeta mediated methanogenesis with improved carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
SM Patil, MB Kurade, B Basak, S Saha, M Jang, SH Kim, BH Jeon
Bioresource Technology 332, 125123, 2021
Improvement of acidogenic fermentation using an acclimatized microbiome
SE Chang, S Saha, MB Kurade, ES Salama, SW Chang, M Jang, BH Jeon
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43 (49), 22126-22134, 2018
Integrative biohydrogen-and biomethane-producing bioprocesses for comprehensive production of biohythane
HH Kim, S Saha, JH Hwang, MA Hosen, YT Ahn, YK Park, MA Khan, ...
Bioresource Technology 365, 128145, 2022
Dual-stage pulse-feed operation enhanced methanation of lipidic waste during co-digestion using acclimatized consortia
D Kang, S Saha, MB Kurade, B Basak, GS Ha, BH Jeon, SS Lee, JR Kim
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 145, 111096, 2021
Integrating Fermentation of Chlamydomonas Mexicana by Oleaginous Lipomyces Starkeyi and Switchable Ionic Liquid Extraction for Enhanced Biodiesel Production
GU Kim, GS Ha, MB Kurade, S Saha, MA Khan, YK Park, W Chung, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2022
High-throughput integrated pretreatment strategies to convert high-solid loading microalgae into high-concentration biofuels
GS Ha, S Saha, B Basak, MB Kurade, GU Kim, MK Ji, Y Ahn, ES Salama, ...
Bioresource Technology 340, 125651, 2021
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