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Yuki Ota
Yuki Ota
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Geochemical distribution of heavy metal elements and potential ecological risk assessment of Matsushima Bay sediments during 2012–2016
Y Ota, A Suzuki, K Yamaoka, M Nagao, Y Tanaka, T Irizuki, O Fujiwara, ...
Science of the Total Environment 751, 141825, 2021
Monsoon-influenced variations in plankton community structure and upper-water column stratification in the western Bay of Bengal during the past 80 ky
Y Ota, J Kuroda, A Yamaguchi, A Suzuki, D Araoka, T Ishimura, ...
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 521, 138-150, 2019
Indian Monsoonal Variations During the Past 80 Kyr Recorded in NGHP‐02 Hole 19B, Western Bay of Bengal: Implications From Chemical and Mineral Properties
Y Ota, H Kawahata, J Kuroda, A Yamaguchi, A Suzuki, D Araoka, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20 (1), 148-165, 2019
Effects of intensification of the Indian Summer Monsoon on northern Andaman Sea sediments during the past 700 years
Y Ota, H Kawahata, M Murayama, M Inoue, Y Yokoyama, Y Miyairi, ...
Journal of Quaternary Science 32 (4), 528-539, 2017
Flooding history of Lake Nakaumi, western Japan, inferred from sediment records spanning the past 700 years
Y Ota, H Kawahata, T Sato, K Seto
Journal of Quaternary Science 32 (8), 1063-1074, 2017
Seasonal and spatial variations of chemical weathering in the Mekong Basin: from the headwaters to the lower reaches
H Kajita, Y Ota, T Yoshimura, D Araoka, T Manaka, O Ziyu, S Iwasaki, ...
Aquatic geochemistry 26, 137-159, 2020
Sediments of Matsushima Bay, Northeastern Japan: Insights Gained From 5 Years of Sedimentological Analysis Following the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake‐Tsunami
Y Ota, A Suzuki, K Yamaoka, M Nagao, Y Tanaka, T Irizuki, O Fujiwara, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20 (8), 3913-3927, 2019
History of ancient megathrust earthquakes beneath metropolitan Tokyo inferred from coastal lowland deposits
K Mannen, KH Yoong, S Suzuki, Y Matsushima, Y Ota, CL Kain, J Goff
Sedimentary geology 364, 258-272, 2018
Vertical distribution of sediment phosphorus in Lake Hachirogata related to the effect of land reclamation on phosphorus accumulation
G Jin, S Onodera, M Saito, Y Maruyama, A Hayakawa, T Sato, Y Ota, ...
Environmental technology 37 (4), 486-494, 2016
Does trace fossil size correspond with burrower population density? An example from the modern counterpart of the trace fossil Bichordites
K Seike, K Shirai, K Kubota, Y Ota, S Sassa
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 557, 109946, 2020
Anaerobic oxidation of methane and trace-element geochemistry in microbial mat-covered sediments related to methane seepage, northeastern Japan Sea
Y Ota, M Suzumura, A Tsukasaki, A Suzuki, K Yamaoka, M Asada, ...
Chemical Geology 611, 121093, 2022
Millennial-scale variability of Indian summer monsoon constrained by the western Bay of Bengal sediments: Implication from geochemical proxies of sea surface salinity and river …
Y Ota, H Kawahata, J Kuroda, A Suzuki, A Abe-Ouchi, FJ Jimenez-Espejo, ...
Global and Planetary Change 208, 103719, 2022
Sediment accumulation rates and particle mixing at northwestern Pacific seamounts
Y Ota, M Suzumura, A Tsukasaki, A Suzuki, K Seike, J Minatoya
Journal of Marine Systems 229, 103719, 2022
Lithium isotope systematics of methane-seep carbonates as an archive of fluid origins and flow rates
Y Miyajima, D Araoka, T Yoshimura, Y Ota, A Suzuki, H Yoshioka, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 361, 152-170, 2023
Methane diffusion affects characteristics of benthic communities in and around microbial mat-covered sediments in the northeastern Japan sea
Y Ota, A Iguchi, M Nishijima, R Mukai, M Suzumura, H Yoshioka, A Suzuki, ...
Chemosphere 349, 140964, 2024
Environmental DNA metabarcoding of foraminifera for biological monitoring of bottom water and sediments on the Takuyo-Daigo seamount in the northwestern Pacific
A MAEDA, M Nishijima, A Iguchi, Y Ota, M Suzumura, A Suzuki
Frontiers in Marine Science 10, 1243713, 2024
Insights into fluid sources and flow rates from lithium isotope composition of methane-seep carbonates
Y Miyajima, D Araoka, T Yoshimura, Y Ota, A Suzuki, H Yoshioka, ...
Goldschmidt 2023 Conference, 2023
Climatic change and its relationship with human society in northern Japan since the mid-Holocene-Quantitative reconstruction of atmospheric and sea surface temperature
H Kawahata, Y Hatta, H Kajita, Y Ota, Y Akihiro, K Nishina, T Aono, ...
CNS elemental analyses using a sediment core obtained from the southwestern Nishimikawa Plain, central Japan
Y Ota, T Abe
Geological Survey of Japan interim report 79, 87–93, 2019
Flooding events spanning the last 700 years constrained by sedimentary records in Lake Nakaumi, western Japan
O Yuki, H Kawahata, K Seto, T Sato
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 11619, 2018
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