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Seyed Ali Asghar hashemi
Seyed Ali Asghar hashemi
Assistant Prof., Semnan Agriculture and Natural Resources Research and Education center
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Trích dẫn bởi
Modeling Groundwater Quality Parameters Using Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Methods
SG Ozgur Kisi, Armin Azad , Hamed Kash , Amir Saeedian, Seyed Ali Asghar Hashemi
Water Resources Management, 2018
Simulation of daily suspended sediment load using an improved model of support vector machine and genetic algorithms and particle swarm
M Rahgoshay, S Feiznia, M Arian, SAA Hashemi
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 12, 1-14, 2019
Modeling daily suspended sediment load using improved support vector machine model and genetic algorithm
SAAH Mitra Rahgoshay, Sadat Feiznia, Mehran Arian
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2018
Optimization of stacking sequence of composite laminates for optimizing buckling load by neural network and genetic algorithm
MH Hajmohammad, M Salari, SA Hashemi, MH Esfe
Indian Journal of Science and Technology 6 (8), 5070-7, 2013
Comparison of accuracy in expert clinical examination versus magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopic exam in diagnosis of meniscal tear
SA Hashemi, MR Ranjbar, M Tahami, R Shahriarirad, A Erfani
Advances in orthopedics 2020 (1), 1895852, 2020
Effect of white coats on spread of nosocomial infection
R Robati, MM Farokhi, FM Jaberi, SA Hashemi
European Journal of Experimental Biology 3 (3), 156-159, 2013
Seroprevalence of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency viruses among thalassemia patients in west north of Iran
N Valizadeh, M Noroozi, S Hejazi, S Nateghi, A Hashemi
Iranian journal of pediatric hematology and oncology 5 (3), 145, 2015
Hip abductors pyomyositis: a case report and review of the literature
SA Hashemi, AR Vosoughi, M Pourmokhtari
The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries 6 (02), 184-187, 2012
Using sediment deposited in small reservoirs to quantify sediment yield in two small catchments of Iran
A Kouhpeima, SAA Hashemi, S Feiznia, H Ahmadi
Journal of Sustainable Development 3 (3), 133, 2010
Can the crossover sign be a reliable marker of global retroversion of the acetabulum?
SA Hashemi, J Dehghani, AR Vosoughi
Skeletal radiology 46, 17-21, 2017
A review on chipless RFID tag design
A Hashemi, AH Sarhaddi, H Emami
A study on the efficiency of Erosion Potential Model (EPM) using reservoir sediments
A Kouhpeima, SAA Hashemi, S Feiznia
Elixir Pollution 38, 4135-4139, 2011
Evaluation of EPM model by sediment measurement in reservoirs of small dams
SAA Hashemi, M Arab Khedri
JWSS-Isfahan University of Technology 11 (42), 345-355, 2008
Robust strategic planning: Using scenario planning and fuzzy inference system
P Hanafizadeh, SM Arabi, A Hashemi
Management Research in Iran 10 (20), 137-170, 2021
Modification of polypropylene-starch blend by eggshell nano-particle, EVA and maleic anhydride to improve biodegradability and thermal properties
S Mousavi, S Hashemi, A Amani, F Moujodi, A Hamedfateh, M Zarei
Int J Chem Sci 15, 225, 2018
A hybrid multimode contour integral method for analysis of the H-plane waveguide discontinuties
A Banai, A Hashemi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research 81, 167-182, 2008
Effect of Rock Check Dams on Flood Reducing in Arid and Semi Arid Regions (Case Study: Darjazin Watershed in Semnan Province)
SAA Hashemi
JWSS - Isfahan University of Technology 17 (66), 159-171, 2014
Application of quantitative composite fingerprinting technique to identify the main sediment sources in two small catchments of Iran
A Kouhpeima, S Feiznia, H Ahmadi, SA Hashemi, AR Zareiee
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 7 (5), 6677-6698, 2010
The comparison of learning levels in chemical element nursing with three approaches: web-based electronics training, multi-media software packages and lecturing
S Hashemi, MM Salaree, M Salaree, AA Delavari, S Khoshsima
Education Strategies in Medical Sciences 9 (1), 26-33, 2016
Comparison of hematological aspects among children with Malaria and healthy children
AF Bafghi, A Hashemi, S Abolhasanizadeh
Iranian journal of pediatric hematology and oncology 5 (2), 89, 2015
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