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Sadi Ibrahim Haruna, PhD
Sadi Ibrahim Haruna, PhD
Doctor of Philosophy, Civil Engineering
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Implementation of hybrid neuro-fuzzy and self-turning predictive model for the prediction of concrete carbonation depth: A soft computing technique
SI Malami, FH Anwar, S Abdulrahman, SI Haruna, SIA Ali, SI Abba
Results in Engineering 10, 100228, 2021
Durability performance of pervious concrete containing rice husk ash and calcium carbide: A response surface methodology approach
M Adamu, KO Ayeni, SI Haruna, YEHI Mansour, S Haruna
Case Studies in Construction Materials 14, e00547, 2021
Evaluation of impact resistance properties of polyurethane-based polymer concrete for the repair of runway subjected to repeated drop-weight impact test
SI Haruna, H Zhu, W Jiang, J Shao
Construction and Building Materials 309, 125152, 2021
Compressive strength of self-compacting concrete modified with rice husk ash and calcium carbide waste modeling: a feasibility of emerging emotional intelligent model (EANN …
SI Haruna, SI Malami, M Adamu, AG Usman, AIB Farouk, SIA Ali, SI Abba
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 46 (11), 11207-11222, 2021
Implementation of soft-computing models for prediction of flexural strength of pervious concrete hybridized with rice husk ash and calcium carbide waste
SI Malami, AA Musa, SI Haruna, UU Aliyu, AG Usman, MI Abdurrahman, ...
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 8 (2), 1933-1947, 2022
Prediction of compressive strength of concrete incorporated with jujube seed as partial replacement of coarse aggregate: a feasibility of Hammerstein–Wiener model versus …
M Adamu, SI Haruna, SI Malami, MN Ibrahim, SI Abba, YE Ibrahim
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 1-11, 2021
Combined effect of recycled tire rubber and carbon nanotubes on the mechanical properties and microstructure of concrete
J Shao, H Zhu, B Zhao, SI Haruna, G Xue, W Jiang, K Wu, J Yang
Construction and Building Materials 322, 126493, 2022
Prediction and uncertainty quantification of ultimate bond strength between UHPC and reinforcing steel bar using a hybrid machine learning approach
AIB Farouk, J Zhu, J Ding, SI Haruna
Construction and Building Materials 345, 128360, 2022
Feature selection approach for failure mode detection of reinforced concrete bridge columns
NM Ali, AIB Farouk, SI Haruna, H Alanazi, M Adamu, YE Ibrahim
Case Studies in Construction Materials 17, e01383, 2022
Evaluation of the mechanical performance of concrete containing calcium carbide residue and nano silica using response surface methodology
M Adamu, SI Haruna, YE Ibrahim, H Alanazi
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (44), 67076-67102, 2022
Effect of crumb rubber powder on mechanical properties and pore structure of polyurethane-based polymer mortar for repair
W Jiang, H Zhu, SI Haruna, B Zhao, J Shao, Y Yu
Construction and Building Materials 309, 125169, 2021
Experimental study, modeling, and reliability analysis of impact resistance of micro steel fiber‐reinforced concrete modified with nano silica
SI Haruna, H Zhu, J Shao
Structural Concrete 23 (3), 1659-1674, 2022
Investigating the properties of roller-compacted rubberized concrete modified with nanosilica using response surface methodology
M Adamu, SI Haruna, YE Ibrahim, H Alanazi
Innovative Infrastructure Solutions 7 (1), 119, 2022
Prediction of mechanical properties of rubberized concrete incorporating fly ash and nano silica by artificial neural network technique
M Adamu, AB Çolak, YE Ibrahim, SI Haruna, MF Hamza
Axioms 12 (1), 81, 2023
Flexural behavior of precast prestressed concrete hollow core slabs with cast-in-place concrete topping
Sİ Haruna
Atilim University, 2014
Effect of calcium carbide wastes as admixture in mortar
MG Abdurra’uf, EN Ogork, SI Haruna
Sch. J. Eng. Technol 5 (11), 655-660, 2017
Sustainable Traffic Management for Smart Cities Using Internet-of-Things-Oriented Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): Challenges and Recommendations
AA Musa, SI Malami, F Alanazi, W Ounaies, M Alshammari, SI Haruna
Sustainability 15 (13), 9859, 2023
Evaluation of mechanical properties of polyurethane-based polymer rubber concrete modified ground glass fiber using response surface methodology
MSM Al-Kahtani, H Zhu, SI Haruna, J Shao
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 48 (4), 4695-4710, 2023
Experimental study on the strength and durability-related properties of ordinary Portland and rapid hardening Portland cement mortar containing polyurethane binder
MSM Al-kahtani, H Zhu, YE Ibrahim, SI Haruna
Case Studies in Construction Materials 17, e01530, 2022
Mechanical properties and freeze–thaw resistance of polyurethane-based polymer mortar with crumb rubber powder
W Jiang, H Zhu, SI Haruna, J Shao, Y Yu, K Wu
Construction and Building Materials 352, 129040, 2022
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