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M.T. Aalami
M.T. Aalami
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A combined neural-wavelet model for prediction of Ligvanchai watershed precipitation
V Nourani, MT Alami, MH Aminfar
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 22 (3), 466-472, 2009
Short-term water quality variable prediction using a hybrid CNN–LSTM deep learning model
R Barzegar, MT Aalami, J Adamowski
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 34 (2), 415-433, 2020
Wavelet-entropy data pre-processing approach for ANN-based groundwater level modeling
V Nourani, MT Alami, FD Vousoughi
Journal of Hydrology 524, 255-269, 2015
Hybrid wavelet–genetic programming approach to optimize ANN modeling of rainfall–runoff process
V Nourani, M Komasi, MT Alami
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 17 (6), 724-741, 2012
Meteorological data mining and hybrid data-intelligence models for reference evaporation simulation: A case study in Iraq
K Khosravi, P Daggupati, MT Alami, SM Awadh, MI Ghareb, M Panahi, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 167, 105041, 2019
Evaluation of total load sediment transport formulas using ANN
CT Yang, R Marsooli, MT Aalami
International Journal of Sediment Research 24 (3), 274-286, 2009
Coupling a hybrid CNN-LSTM deep learning model with a boundary corrected maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform for multiscale lake water level forecasting
R Barzegar, MT Aalami, J Adamowski
Journal of Hydrology 598, 126196, 2021
Uncertainty assessment of the multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural network model with implementation of the novel hybrid MLP-FFA method for prediction of biochemical oxygen …
B Raheli, MT Aalami, A El-Shafie, MA Ghorbani, RC Deo
Environmental Earth Sciences 76, 1-16, 2017
Trend analysis of groundwater using non-parametric methods (case study: Ardabil plain)
F Daneshvar Vousoughi, Y Dinpashoh, MT Aalami, D Jhajharia
Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment 27, 547-559, 2013
Spatiotemporal groundwater level forecasting in coastal aquifers by hybrid artificial neural network-geostatistics model: a case study
V Nourani, RG Ejlali, MT Alami
Environmental Engineering Science 28 (3), 217-228, 2011
Determining discharge coefficient of labyrinth and arced labyrinth weirs using support vector machine
K Roushangar, MT Alami, J Shiri, MM Asl
Hydrology research 49 (3), 924-938, 2018
Hybrid of SOM-clustering method and wavelet-ANFIS approach to model and infill missing groundwater level data
V Nourani, MT Alami, FD Vousoughi
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 21 (9), 05016018, 2016
Dynamics of hourly sea level at Hillarys Boat Harbour, Western Australia: a chaos theory perspective
R Khatibi, MA Ghorbani, MT Aalami, K Kocak, O Makarynskyy, ...
Ocean Dynamics 61, 1797-1807, 2011
An investigation on changes and prediction of Urmia Lake water surface evaporation by chaos theory
S Farzin, P Ifaei, N Farzin, Y Hassanzadeh, MT Aalami
Study of a compressed air vessel for controlling the pressure surge in water networks: CFD and experimental analysis
M Besharat, R Tarinejad, MT Aalami, HM Ramos
Water resources management 30, 2687-2702, 2016
Predictability of relative humidity by two artificial intelligence techniques using noisy data from two Californian gauging stations
R Khatibi, L Naghipour, MA Ghorbani, MT Aalami
Neural Computing and Applications 23, 2241-2252, 2013
Stochastic modeling of groundwater fluoride contamination: Introducing lazy learners
K Khosravi, R Barzegar, S Miraki, J Adamowski, P Daggupati, ...
Groundwater 58 (5), 723-734, 2020
Modeling discharge coefficient of normal and inverted orientation labyrinth weirs using machine learning techniques
K Roushangar, MT Alami, M Majedi Asl, J Shiri
ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 23 (3), 331-340, 2017
Self-organizing map clustering technique for ANN-based spatiotemporal modeling of groundwater quality parameters
V Nourani, MT Alami, FD Vousoughi
Journal of Hydroinformatics 18 (2), 288-309, 2016
Evaluation of the effluent quality parameters of wastewater treatment plant based on uncertainty analysis and post-processing approaches (case study)
N Hejabi, SM Saghebian, MT Aalami, V Nourani
Water Science and Technology 83 (7), 1633-1648, 2021
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