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Ramendra Prasad
Ramendra Prasad
The University of Fiji
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Trích dẫn bởi
Significant wave height forecasting via an extreme learning machine model integrated with improved complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition
M Ali, R Prasad
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 104, 281-295, 2019
Soil moisture forecasting by a hybrid machine learning technique: ELM integrated with ensemble empirical mode decomposition
R Prasad, RC Deo, Y Li, T Maraseni
Geoderma 330, 136-161, 2018
Complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition hybridized with random forest and kernel ridge regression model for monthly rainfall forecasts
M Ali, R Prasad, Y Xiang, ZM Yaseen
Journal of Hydrology 584, 124647, 2020
Designing a multi-stage multivariate empirical mode decomposition coupled with ant colony optimization and random forest model to forecast monthly solar radiation
R Prasad, M Ali, P Kwan, H Khan
Applied energy 236, 778-792, 2019
Input selection and performance optimization of ANN-based streamflow forecasts in the drought-prone Murray Darling Basin region using IIS and MODWT algorithm
R Prasad, RC Deo, Y Li, T Maraseni
Atmospheric Research 197, 42-63, 2017
Weekly soil moisture forecasting with multivariate sequential, ensemble empirical mode decomposition and Boruta-random forest hybridizer algorithm approach
R Prasad, RC Deo, TN Maraseni, Y Li
Catena 177 (2019), 149-166, 2019
Designing deep-based learning flood forecast model with ConvLSTM hybrid algorithm
M Moishin, RC Deo, R Prasad, N Raj, S Abdulla
IEEE Access 9, 50982-50993, 2021
Near real-time significant wave height forecasting with hybridized multiple linear regression algorithms
M Ali, R Prasad, Y Xiang, RC Deo
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 132, 110003, 2020
A hybrid air quality early-warning framework: An hourly forecasting model with online sequential extreme learning machines and empirical mode decomposition algorithms
E Sharma, RC Deo, R Prasad, AV Parisi
Science of the Total Environment 709, 135934, 2020
Artificial intelligence modelling integrated with Singular Spectral analysis and Seasonal-Trend decomposition using Loess approaches for streamflow predictions
H Apaydin, MT Sattari, K Falsafian, R Prasad
Journal of Hydrology 600, 126506, 2021
Comparative analysis of kernel-based versus ANN and deep learning methods in monthly reference evapotranspiration estimation
MT Sattari, H Apaydin, SS Band, A Mosavi, R Prasad
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 25 (2), 603-618, 2021
Ensemble committee-based data intelligent approach for generating soil moisture forecasts with multivariate hydro-meteorological predictors
R Prasad, RC Deo, Y Li, T Maraseni
Soil and Tillage Research 181, 63-81, 2018
A double decomposition-based modelling approach to forecast weekly solar radiation
R Prasad, M Ali, Y Xiang, H Khan
Renewable Energy 152, 9-22, 2020
Assessing the sustainable municipal solid waste (MSW) to electricity generation potentials in selected Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS)
LP Joseph, R Prasad
Journal of Cleaner Production 248, 119222, 2020
Deep air quality forecasts: suspended particulate matter modeling with convolutional neural and long short-term memory networks
E Sharma, RC Deo, R Prasad, AV Parisi, N Raj
Ieee Access 8, 209503-209516, 2020
Variational mode decomposition based random forest model for solar radiation forecasting: new emerging machine learning technology
M Ali, R Prasad, Y Xiang, M Khan, AA Farooque, T Zong, ZM Yaseen
Energy Reports 7, 6700-6717, 2021
Near real-time wind speed forecast model with bidirectional LSTM networks
LP Joseph, RC Deo, R Prasad, S Salcedo-Sanz, N Raj, J Soar
Renewable Energy 204, 39-58, 2023
Explainable diabetes classification using hybrid Bayesian-optimized TabNet architecture
LP Joseph, EA Joseph, R Prasad
Computers in Biology and Medicine 151, 106178, 2022
Novel hybrid deep learning model for satellite based PM10 forecasting in the most polluted Australian hotspots
E Sharma, RC Deo, J Soar, R Prasad, AV Parisi, N Raj
Atmospheric Environment 279, 119111, 2022
Multi-step daily forecasting of reference evapotranspiration for different climates of India: A modern multivariate complementary technique reinforced with ridge regression …
A Malik, M Jamei, M Ali, R Prasad, M Karbasi, ZM Yaseen
Agricultural Water Management 272, 107812, 2022
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