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Trích dẫn bởi
Evaluate the role of biochar during the organic waste composting process: A critical review
MK Nguyen, C Lin, HG Hoang, P Sanderson, BT Dang, NSH Nguyen, ...
Chemosphere, 134488, 2022
Current application of algae derivatives for bioplastic production: A review
BT Dang, DPH Tran, HH Ngo, LD Nghiem, PT Nguyen, HH Nguyen, C Lin, ...
Bioresource Technology, 126698, 2022
Effects of C/N ratios and turning frequencies on the composting process of food waste and dry leaves
VT Nguyen, TH Le, TN Nguyen, C Lin, HH Nguyen, DD Nguyen, ...
Bioresource Technology Reports 11, 100527, 2020
High rate nitrogen removal by ANAMMOX internal circulation reactor (IC) for old landfill leachate treatment
TN Phan, TT Van Truong, NB Ha, BT Dang, J Park, W Guo, HH Ngo
Bioresource technology 234, 281-288, 2017
Effect of ciprofloxacin dosages on the performance of sponge membrane bioreactor treating hospital wastewater
TT Nguyen, BT Dang, HH Ngo, D Jahng, T Fujioka, SS Chen, QT Dinh, ...
Bioresource technology 273, 573-580, 2019
Nutrient recovery and microalgae biomass production from urine by membrane photobioreactor at low biomass retention times
TT Nguyen, HH Ngo, KQ Nguyen, HH Nguyen, J Némery, T Fujioka, ...
Science of The Total Environment 785, 147423, 2021
Bacterial community progression during food waste composting containing high dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) concentration
HT Tran, C Lin, T Itayama, BT Dang, NK Cheruiyot, HG Hoang, CT Vu
Chemosphere 265, 129064, 2021
Influence of organic loading rates on treatment performance of membrane bioreactor treating tannery wastewater
BT Dang, TT Nguyen, VT Nguyen, DPH Tran, PT Nguyen, M Boller, ...
Environmental Technology & Innovation 24, 101810, 2021
Co-culture of microalgae-activated sludge in sequencing batch photobioreactor systems: Effects of natural and artificial lighting on wastewater treatment
TT Nguyen, BT Dang, MH Bui, S Varjani
Bioresource Technology 343, 126091, 2022
Investigation of antibiotics in health care wastewater in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
TDH Vo, NDT Cao, VP Luu, TT Nguyen, BT Dang, MQ Thai, DD Nguyen, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 188, 1-9, 2016
Sustainability and application of corncob-derived biochar for removal of fluoroquinolones
BT Dang, O Gotore, R Ramaraj, Y Unpaprom, N Whangchai, H Maseda, ...
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-11, 2022
An overview of deploying membrane bioreactors in saline wastewater treatment from perspectives of microbial and treatment performance
TND Cao, BT Dang, DPH Tran, HT Tran, TB Nguyen, H Mukhtar, SY Pan, ...
Bioresource Technology, 127831, 2022
Influence of C/N ratios on treatment performance and biomass production during co-culture of microalgae and activated sludge
BT Dang, TT Nguyen, HH Ngo, S Varjani, SJ You, KA Lin
Science of The Total Environment 837, 155832, 2022
Low flux sponge membrane bioreactor treating tannery wastewater
BT Dang, HH Ngo, TT Nguyen, VT Nguyen, TB Nguyen, C Lin, KYA Lin, ...
Environmental Technology & Innovation 24, 101989, 2021
Long-term operation of the pilot scale two-stage anaerobic digestion of municipal biowaste in ho chi minh city
NST Tran, TT Nguyen, BT Dang, MTT Le, F Mukai, H Kobayashi, HH Ngo
Science of The Total Environment 766, 142562, 2021
Advanced treatment technologies for the removal of organic chemical sunscreens from wastewater: a review
HT Tran, BT Dang, LTT Thuy, HG Hoang, XT Bui, VG Le, C Lin, ...
Current Pollution Reports 8 (3), 288-302, 2022
Current application of seaweed waste for composting and biochar: A review
BT Dang, R Ramaraj, MV Le, I Tomoaki, TT Pham, PT Le Na, DPH Tran
Bioresource Technology 375, 128830, 2023
Microbial community response to ciprofloxacin toxicity in sponge membrane bioreactor
BT Dang, T Itayama, HH Ngo, D Jahng, C Lin, SS Chen, KYA Lin, ...
Science of The Total Environment 773, 145041, 2021
Influence of hydraulic loading rate on performance and energy-efficient of a pilot-scale down-flow hanging sponge reactor treating domestic wastewater
VT Tra, BT Dang, QA Binh, QH Nguyen, PT Nguyen, HH Nguyen, ...
Environmental Technology & Innovation 21, 101273, 2021
Comparison of degradation kinetics of tannery wastewater treatment using a nonlinear model by salt-tolerant Nitrosomonas sp. and Nitrobacter sp.
BT Dang, DPH Tran, HTN Cao, I Tomoaki, TT Pham, S Varjani, HH Ngo, ...
Bioresource Technology 351, 127000, 2022
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