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Takemitsu Arakaki
Takemitsu Arakaki
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Trích dẫn bởi
Sources, sinks, and mechanisms of hydroxyl radical (• OH) photoproduction and consumption in authentic acidic continental cloud waters from Whiteface Mountain, New York: The …
T Arakaki, BC Faust
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T Arakaki, C Anastasio, Y Kuroki, H Nakajima, K Okada, Y Kotani, ...
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Variation in CO2 assimilation rate induced by simulated dew waters with different sources of hydroxyl radical (· OH) on the needle surfaces of Japanese red pine (Pinus …
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Simultaneous Measurement of Hydrogen Peroxide and Fe Species (Fe(II) and Fe(tot)) in Okinawa Island Seawater: Impacts of Red Soil Pollution
T Arakaki, H Fujimura, AM Hamdun, K Okada, H Kondo, T Oomori, ...
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Aerosol and Air Quality Research 15 (3), 799-813, 2015
Transboundary Secondary Organic Aerosol in Western Japan Indicated by the δ13C of Water-Soluble Organic Carbon and the m/z 44 Signal in Organic Aerosol …
S Irei, A Takami, M Hayashi, Y Sadanaga, K Hara, N Kaneyasu, K Sato, ...
Environmental science & technology 48 (11), 6273-6281, 2014
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