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Md Mahbub Alam
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Pumped hydro energy storage system: A technological review
S Rehman, LM Al-Hadhrami, MM Alam
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Feasibility study of a wind–pv–diesel hybrid power system for a village
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Dependence of square cylinder wake on Reynolds number
H Bai, MM Alam
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GIS-based site suitability analysis for wind farm development in Saudi Arabia
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A review of bluff body wakes
JF Derakhshandeh, MM Alam
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S Rehman, MM Alam, LM Alhems, MM Rafique
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R Bhatt, MM Alam
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Flow around two side-by-side closely spaced circular cylinders
MM Alam, Y Zhou
Journal of Fluids and Structures 23 (5), 799-805, 2007
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