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Linwei Yue
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Image super-resolution: The techniques, applications, and future
L Yue, H Shen, J Li, Q Yuan, H Zhang, L Zhang
Signal processing 128, 389-408, 2016
High-quality seamless DEM generation blending SRTM-1, ASTER GDEM v2 and ICESat/GLAS observations
L Yue, H Shen, L Zhang, X Zheng, F Zhang, Q Yuan
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 123, 20-34, 2017
The relationships between PM2. 5 and aerosol optical depth (AOD) in mainland China: About and behind the spatio-temporal variations
Q Yang, Q Yuan, L Yue, T Li, H Shen, L Zhang
Environmental Pollution 248, 526-535, 2019
Adaptive norm selection for regularized image restoration and super-resolution
H Shen, L Peng, L Yue, Q Yuan, L Zhang
IEEE transactions on cybernetics 46 (6), 1388-1399, 2015
A locally adaptive L1− L2 norm for multi-frame super-resolution of images with mixed noise and outliers
L Yue, H Shen, Q Yuan, L Zhang
Signal Processing 105, 156-174, 2014
Global DEMs vary from one to another: an evaluation of newly released Copernicus, NASA and AW3D30 DEM on selected terrains of China using ICESat-2 altimetry data
H Li, J Zhao, B Yan, L Yue, L Wang
International Journal of Digital Earth 15 (1), 1149-1168, 2022
Estimating snow depth by combining satellite data and ground-based observations over Alaska: A deep learning approach
J Wang, Q Yuan, H Shen, T Liu, T Li, L Yue, X Shi, L Zhang
Journal of Hydrology 585, 124828, 2020
Investigation of the spatially varying relationships of PM2. 5 with meteorology, topography, and emissions over China in 2015 by using modified geographically weighted regression
Q Yang, Q Yuan, L Yue, T Li
Environmental Pollution 262, 114257, 2020
Fusion of multi-scale DEMs using a regularized super-resolution method
L Yue, H Shen, Q Yuan, L Zhang
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 29 (12), 2095-2120, 2015
Mapping PM2. 5 concentration at a sub-km level resolution: A dual-scale retrieval approach
Q Yang, Q Yuan, L Yue, T Li, H Shen, L Zhang
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 165, 140-151, 2020
GLORIA - A globally representative hyperspectral in situ dataset for optical sensing of water quality
MK Lehmann, D Gurlin, N Pahlevan, K Alikas, T Conroy, J Anstee, ...
Scientific data 10 (1), 100, 2023
Downscaling of soil moisture products using deep learning: Comparison and analysis on Tibetan Plateau
H Zhao, J Li, Q Yuan, L Lin, L Yue, H Xu
Journal of Hydrology 607, 127570, 2022
Monitoring the variation of vegetation water content with machine learning methods: Point–surface fusion of MODIS products and GNSS-IR observations
Q Yuan, S Li, L Yue, T Li, H Shen, L Zhang
Remote Sensing 11 (12), 1440, 2019
Mapping PM2. 5 concentration at high resolution using a cascade random forest based downscaling model: Evaluation and application
Q Yang, Q Yuan, T Li, L Yue
Journal of Cleaner Production 277, 123887, 2020
Void filling of digital elevation models with a terrain texture learning model based on generative adversarial networks
Z Qiu, L Yue, X Liu
Remote Sensing 11 (23), 2829, 2019
An improved ANUDEM method combining topographic correction and DEM interpolation
X Zheng, H Xiong, L Yue, J Gong
Geocarto International 31 (5), 492-505, 2016
A robust channel network extraction method combining discrete curve evolution and the skeleton construction technique
X Zheng, H Xiong, J Gong, L Yue
Advances in Water Resources 83, 17-27, 2015
A morphologically preserved multi-resolution TIN surface modeling and visualization method for virtual globes
X Zheng, H Xiong, J Gong, L Yue
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 129, 41-54, 2017
Automatic semi-global artificial shoreline subpixel localization algorithm for Landsat imagery
Y Song, F Liu, F Ling, L Yue
Remote Sensing 11 (15), 1779, 2019
Monitoring of historical glacier recession in yulong mountain by the integration of multisource remote sensing data
L Yue, H Shen, W Yu, L Zhang
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2018
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