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Manukid Parnichkun
Manukid Parnichkun
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Trích dẫn bởi
Geometric and force errors compensation in a 3-axis CNC milling machine
C Raksiri, M Parnichkun
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 44 (12-13), 1283-1291, 2004
Industrial robot selection using a novel decision making method considering objective and subjective preferences
RV Rao, BK Patel, M Parnichkun
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 59 (6), 367-375, 2011
Adaptive cruise control for an intelligent vehicle
W Pananurak, S Thanok, M Parnichkun
2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, 1794-1799, 2009
Kinematics control of a pneumatic system by hybrid fuzzy PID
M Parnichkun, C Ngaecharoenkul
Mechatronics 11 (8), 1001-1023, 2001
Real-time optimal control for rotary inverted pendulum
V Sukontanakarn, M Parnichkun
American journal of applied sciences 6 (6), 1106, 2009
Force control in a pneumatic system using hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy model reference control
S Kaitwanidvilai, M Parnichkun
Mechatronics 15 (1), 23-41, 2005
Flexible manufacturing system selection using a combinatorial mathematics-based decision-making method
RV Rao, M Parnichkun
International Journal of Production Research 47 (24), 6981-6998, 2009
Hybrid EEG-EOG brain-computer interface system for practical machine control
Y Punsawad, Y Wongsawat, M Parnichkun
2010 annual international conference of the IEEE engineering in medicine and …, 2010
Balancing control of bicyrobo by particle swarm optimization-based structure-specified mixed H2/H∞ control
BT Thanh, M Parnichkun
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 5 (4), 39, 2008
Neural network based-time optimal sliding mode control for an autonomous underwater robot
T Chatchanayuenyong, M Parnichkun
Mechatronics 16 (8), 471-478, 2006
Genetic-Algorithm-Based Fixed-Structure Robust H Loop-Shaping Control of a Pneumatic Servosystem
S Kaitwanidvilai, M Parnichkun
Journal of robotics and mechatronics 16, 362-373, 2004
Prediction of settled water turbidity and optimal coagulant dosage in drinking water treatment plant using a hybrid model of k-means clustering and adaptive neuro …
CM Kim, M Parnichkun
Applied Water Science 7, 3885-3902, 2017
Improvement of adaptive cruise control system based on speed characteristics and time headway
N Benalie, W Pananurak, S Thanok, M Parnichkun
2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2009
Trajectory tracking using online learning LQR with adaptive learning control of a leg-exoskeleton for disorder gait rehabilitation
N Ajjanaromvat, M Parnichkun
Mechatronics 51, 85-96, 2018
Balancing control of AIT leg exoskeleton using ZMP based FLC
N Aphiratsakun, M Parnichkun
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 6 (4), 34, 2009
Hybrid of fuzzy and PID in kinematics control of a pneumatic system
M Parnichkun, C Ngaecharoenkul
2000 26th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society …, 2000
MLP, ANFIS, and GRNN based real-time coagulant dosage determination and accuracy comparison using full-scale data of a water treatment plant
CM Kim, M Parnichkun
Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology—AQUA 66 (1), 49-61, 2017
Landmark-based simultaneous localization and mapping with stereo vision
MN Dailey, M Parnichkun
Proc. Asian Conference on Industrial Automation and Robotics, Bangkok, Thailand, 2005
Double-level ball-riding robot balancing: From system design, modeling, controller synthesis, to performance evaluation
K Sukvichai, M Parnichkun
Mechatronics 24 (5), 519-532, 2014
Online self-tuning precompensation for a PID heading control of a flying robot
S Puntunan, M Parnichkun
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 3 (4), 44, 2006
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