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Akihiro Fushimi
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Aerosol health effects from molecular to global scales
M Shiraiwa, K Ueda, A Pozzer, G Lammel, CJ Kampf, A Fushimi, S Enami, ...
Environmental science & technology 51 (23), 13545-13567, 2017
Trace gas and particle emissions from open burning of three cereal crop residues: Increase in residue moistness enhances emissions of carbon monoxide, methane, and particulate …
K Hayashi, K Ono, M Kajiura, S Sudo, S Yonemura, A Fushimi, K Saitoh, ...
Atmospheric Environment 95, 36-44, 2014
Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled to high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry and simultaneous nitrogen phosphorous and mass spectrometric …
N Ochiai, T Ieda, K Sasamoto, A Fushimi, S Hasegawa, K Tanabe, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1150 (1-2), 13-20, 2007
Stir bar sorptive extraction and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled to high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry for ultra-trace analysis of …
N Ochiai, T Ieda, K Sasamoto, Y Takazawa, S Hashimoto, A Fushimi, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1218 (39), 6851-6860, 2011
Chemical characterization and toxicity of particulate matter emissions from roadside trash combustion in urban India
H Vreeland, JJ Schauer, AG Russell, JD Marshall, A Fushimi, G Jain, ...
Atmospheric Environment 147, 22-30, 2016
Atmospheric fate of nuclei-mode particles estimated from the number concentrations and chemical composition of particles measured at roadside and background sites
A Fushimi, S Hasegawa, K Takahashi, Y Fujitani, K Tanabe, S Kobayashi
Atmospheric Environment 42 (5), 949-959, 2008
Chemical composition and source of fine and nanoparticles from recent direct injection gasoline passenger cars: Effects of fuel and ambient temperature
A Fushimi, Y Kondo, S Kobayashi, Y Fujitani, K Saitoh, A Takami, ...
Atmospheric Environment 124, 77-84, 2016
Global and selective detection of organohalogens in environmental samples by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry and high-resolution time …
S Hashimoto, Y Takazawa, A Fushimi, K Tanabe, Y Shibata, T Ieda, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1218 (24), 3799-3810, 2011
Chemical characterization and oxidative potential of particles emitted from open burning of cereal straws and rice husk under flaming and smoldering conditions
A Fushimi, K Saitoh, K Hayashi, K Ono, Y Fujitani, AM Villalobos, ...
Atmospheric Environment 163, 118-127, 2017
Seasonal differences of the atmospheric particle size distribution in a metropolitan area in Japan
Y Fujitani, P Kumar, K Tamura, A Fushimi, S Hasegawa, K Takahashi, ...
Science of the Total Environment 437, 339-347, 2012
Selective extraction of halogenated compounds from data measured by comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatography/high resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry for non …
S Hashimoto, Y Zushi, A Fushimi, Y Takazawa, K Tanabe, Y Shibata
Journal of Chromatography A 1282, 183-189, 2013
Thermal desorption–comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry for determination of trace polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their …
A Fushimi, S Hashimoto, T Ieda, N Ochiai, Y Takazawa, Y Fujitani, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1252, 164-170, 2012
Organic-rich nanoparticles (diameter: 10–30 nm) in diesel exhaust: Fuel and oil contribution based on chemical composition
A Fushimi, K Saitoh, Y Fujitani, S Hasegawa, K Takahashi, K Tanabe, ...
Atmospheric environment 45 (35), 6326-6336, 2011
Volatile organic compound emission factors from roadside measurements
H Kawashima, S Minami, Y Hanai, A Fushimi
Atmospheric Environment 40 (13), 2301-2312, 2006
Quantification of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans by direct injection of sample extract into the comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatograph/high …
H Shunji, T Yoshikatsu, F Akihiro, I Hiroyasu, T Kiyoshi, S Yasuyuki, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1178 (1-2), 187-198, 2008
Identification of jet lubrication oil as a major component of aircraft exhaust nanoparticles
A Fushimi, K Saitoh, Y Fujitani, N Takegawa
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19 (9), 6389-6399, 2019
Effect of isothermal dilution on emission factors of organic carbon and n-alkanes in the particle and gas phases of diesel exhaust
Y Fujitani, K Saitoh, A Fushimi, K Takahashi, S Hasegawa, K Tanabe, ...
Atmospheric environment 59, 389-397, 2012
On-line measurements of gaseous nitro-organic compounds in diesel vehicle exhaust by proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry
S Inomata, H Tanimoto, Y Fujitani, K Sekimoto, K Sato, A Fushimi, ...
Atmospheric Environment 73, 195-203, 2013
4-Nitrophenol, 1-nitropyrene, and 9-nitroanthracene emissions in exhaust particles from diesel vehicles with different exhaust gas treatments
S Inomata, A Fushimi, K Sato, Y Fujitani, H Yamada
Atmospheric Environment 110, 93-102, 2015
Radiocarbon (14C) Diurnal Variations in Fine Particles at Sites Downwind from Tokyo, Japan in Summer
A Fushimi, R Wagai, M Uchida, S Hasegawa, K Takahashi, M Kondo, ...
Environmental science & technology 45 (16), 6784-6792, 2011
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